“The Boy From East Dulwich”

I have started writing a book about my life mainly for my family and I have included some extracts on this page .

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Chapter 1

Meeting The Family

I was born at 36 Rodwell Road, East Dulwich in the basement flat. I was under two years old when we moved into the Prefab at 198 Underhill Road, East Dulwich, in 1954.

JC IN PREFAB GARDEN 720 576 2 copy

In the back garden of our Prefab


I started school at Heber Road Primary around 1957.

There was a little Corner Shop opposite the school, Don’s sweet shop, where you could buy all sorts of sweets, Black Jacks, Fruit Salad, Sherbert Pips, Smiths Crisps with the little blue salt bag, Potato Puffs, Spanish Gold Sweet Tobacco, Red Liquorice Fire Hoses, Acid & Pear Drops, Sherbert Dabs, Spangles, Sweet Cigarettes, Five Boys Chocolate, Bubble Gum, Sherbert, Flying Saucers, Milk Bottles, I could go on and On.

Everyday in School you would have a small bottle of milk out of the crate, In the summer it would be warm, and in the winter it would be cold, One of the boys in the school, Roy Daniels, always had a pack of cold toast in his pocket ready for playtime at 11.00am, if you was standing behind him in assembly the smell of that toast was fantastic, I always had a packet of Potato Puffs for my playtime, once playtime was over one of the Teachers would ring the school bell to let you know it was time to go back in school and go to your appropriate lessons.

I remember the Headmaster was Mr Heester, one of my Teachers was Miss Dyson, I really liked her, there was also Mr Ibbottson, who most of the children were afraid of, I was rude to him once and he told me to go and wait for him outside his office, I apologised but he wouldn’t listen, I knew if I waited outside his office when he returned I would be given the slipper, so I stayed out of his way for about a week and luckily for me he forgot about it.


Heber Road Primary School (Photo taken 1n 1998)

My Mum, Dad, Brother and my two Uncle’s, Ronnie & Frank, also all went to the same school.

My Nan & Grandad, Frederick Ernest & Martha Agnes Chinery also lived in Rodwell Road at no 8, (Nan’s maiden name was McCleave, related to Dave McCleave the Boxer –  (Follow the link to see a Pathe News Clip of Dave McCleave in his pub) http://www.britishpathe.com/video/boxing-pub

I remember every Sunday before dinner I would have to go to my Nan & Grandads with my Dad for about one and a half hours, when we got there I just had to sit, be quiet, and not utter a single word while the grown ups drank tea and just rabbited on about whatever they wanted, I was so bored, but I wouldn’t dare say so.

Grandad Chinery (Frederick) JPEG 14

Grandad Chinery

One time Nan Chinery see me looking up at the tin on top of her kitchen cupboards, she said “I know what you’re after” she took down the tin, opened it and gave me one cheese straw, she then said “Well go on then, take it, now you just sit there and be quiet, and I don’t want to here another peep out of you, do you hear”.

Grandad Chinery was approx 5’7” tall and very thick set, he had an 18” neck, even in his late 70s his hair was still quite thick and was a silver grey colour, he was in the Bomb disposal unit in the second world war and then worked on the Electricity Board as a labourer after the war, before the war he was a Timberman Ganger shoring up trenches on the council.


Nan Chinery, Aunty Iris & Uncle Ronnie

Nan Chinery was approx the same height as Grandad and she was quite slim, she worked at East Dulwich Hospital as a cleaner, I remember one time when I was in Hospital, it was very early morning, still very dark outside and the little light on the nurses desk was on, Nan Chinery came to see me before she finished work and gave me a few sweets, I was about 7 or 8 years old, she said don’t let anyone see them or she would get into trouble. Nan & Grandad Chinery were quite stern, as far as they were concerned, little children should be seen and not heard.

My Uncle Ron Chinery in the local football team (front row, crouching, 2nd from left) he is next to his best mate Freddie Slade who has his arm on my Uncles shoulder. (back row) 4th from left, Eric Phillips, always known as Phil.

My other Nan & Grandad, Albert & Harriet Stacey, lived at no 5 Whateley Road with their daughter Joan, my mum, and their son, my Uncle Leslie.

me nan & grandad stacey

Me with my Nan & Grandad Stacey

My Mum used to watch out of her window at Whatley Road just waiting for my Dad to walk by, eventually they started going out together……………………………………..

mum & dad wedding day adjusted 1

Mum & Dad on their wedding day

Chapter 3


 The first time I met Francis Rossi I was 14 years old, Francis was 17, he was sitting on the ground in the garden of 200 Underhill Road, this was the home of my next door neighbours, Mrs Smith and her two daughters Pat & Jean. Francis had his back up against the coal shed next to the dustbin, he was reading the little war books, they were called “Commando”, he was going out with Jean at the time.

One of my girlfriends at Thomas Calton was Doreen Lancaster, she was about 4’ 10 tall and she was gorgeous, In the winter she used to wear a white furry hat that would also cover her ears and a three quarter length leather coat, it was a bluey colour, Doreen lived in the flats opposite Peckham Bus garage.

One day in the winter of 1966 on our way back to my Prefab, Doreen told me her brother had his own group, I said the bloke next door had his own group as well, they were called “The Spectres”, she said “That’s my brothers group“, I couldn’t believe it, Doreen was Alan Lancaster’s sister, the Bass player in what was to become Status Quo

I remember on one weekend in the early summer of 1967 Francis asked me if I would help him do the garden, he told me he couldn’t pay me but he would give me some acetates, these were the first recordings of songs he cut in the recording studio before they were released, “Almost but not quite there”, ”We ain’t seen nothing yet” and “Hurdy gurdy man”, were just a few of these, some I kept and some I gave away, like an idiot, I did sell two at Christies Auction rooms in the 70s, they fetched £250.00, Francis also gave me some of his old stage clothes, Flared Trousers and a green coloured Long Tail Coat that he had made in a tailors in Lordship Lane, also an Orange Silk Shirt with a wide frill down the front, if only I had kept all that memorabilia.

We got down to doing the garden, it was absolutely scorching, we both worked without our shirts on, or any sun tan lotion, we both got so burnt, I think we both suffered with sun stroke, I remember I felt so sick and my back was red raw, I stayed in bed on the Monday, Francis said he had felt the same.

Francis was a struggling musician and needed a job, Jean was pregnant, Francis was now 18 years old and needed to bring some money home, my Dad was a Foreman on the council on Parks & Open Spaces, he got Francis a job cutting grass on the Lordship Lane Estate, Francis got the odd gig, sometimes as far as Scotland, he told me not to say anything to anyone, he would make out he was sick and take a few days off, when Jean got near the time her baby was going to be born my Dad would make sure Francis was not working far away so he could get home quick if he needed to, Francis still continued to take the odd day off sick here and there.

Francis asked me one day if I could sing some backing vocals on a song he had written as he wanted to see what it would sound like, he had a reel to reel tape recorder, he would sing each verse and I would sing the backing vocals, he also told me that on another song he had written he wanted to get the swirling effect that you heard on The Small Faces records.

Francis told me that he and his brother Dominique were going to form a duo but changed there minds. Dominique worked on the boats at Southend Pond in Bromley, he also got my mate Bob Webber a Lambretta, he said it would cost ten pounds but if he wanted Chrome panels on the side it would cost Fifteen Pounds, Bob had the Chrome Panels, soon as he got the scooter he took it up Underhill Road and tried it out, he come roaring down the road, as he got near my house he come off the scooter and damaged one of the Chrome Panels, he got up, picked the scooter up quick and run it up to my back garden, he said to me “C’mon, quick, there’s a copper coming down the road, he must have seen me come off” we waited in my back garden and lucky for us no copper came up.

Francis asked me if I wanted to go to rehearsals with him, I said “yes I would”, we took the bus to Lambeth Walk and popped into the local pub when we got there, Francis then asked me if I had any money, I told him I hadn’t, Francis looked in the pockets of his jacket, which was one of those three men in a boat striped jacket’s and he found a ten bob note in his top pocket…………………………………………………………..

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106 Responses to “The Boy From East Dulwich”

  1. Sylvia says:

    Hi, I was just reading your very interesting site and wondered if you know whether or not your Nan Martha whose maiden name is McCleave had a sister called Joyce. Only my husband and his brother are featured in the pathe news clip of the Union Inn pub boxing video. My husbands grandad was a McCleave who we believe to be the brother of the boxer Dave McCleave. If you have any details we would love to hear from you.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi, I don’t ever remember hearing the name Joyce mentioned, Next time I speak with my uncle I will ask him for you, I know he remembers visiting the Union Tavern with his Dad (my Grandad) and meeting Dave McCleave

    • John Chinery says:

      My Nan Martha did have a sister called Joyce, it was her stepsister, her surname was Guy

    • Paul Skinner says:

      Good evening,

      My Mother’s maiden name is McCleave and she is of the understanding that Dave McCleave was her Uncle. Her name is Audrey and her fathers name was William (Bill), his father’s name -Thomas. We do not have any other info than this other than that they came from the New Cross area. Audrey now live on the Isle of Wight. Anyone have any recollections or further information, My mother would be really interested to hear.

      Many thanks and kind regards

  2. Sylvia says:

    Hi John

    Many thanks for your response to my email. I have been doing the family tree and trying to trace family members as the history of our family is very vague, so any help with making sure my research is accurate is very important. Did you yourself ever go boxing at the Union Tavern, I just love seeing that pathe news video as its so different from what would be allowed today, (little ones knocking five bells out of each other) and also seeing my husband as a young boy, probably the only photo he has of himself.

    Joyce was the mother of my husband, but I am still not convinced that your nan and our Joyce are related, only she passed away when he was a young child so it’s difficult for us to check facts. The name “Guy” doesn’t ring any bells with us.

    If you do have anymore information that would help my research, maybe you could drop me a personal email rather than continue on your site.

    It’s such a lovely site and packed with such interesting information, quite a treasure to have for your family, keep up the good work. It makes great reading.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Sylvia
      Thank you for your kind comments about my website, it makes it all worthwhile, I never went boxing at the Union Tavern. If I do find out anything that I think might be helpful to you I will reply via your own email address, Best Wishes, John

  3. Christine says:

    Hi John

    Reading your bio has brought a flood of memories my way and I thank you for stepping into my past for a brief moment. We lived at 255A Underhill Rd the year I was born, 1954. My sister Janet & I went to Heber Rd school as well, you may have even been in her class. Our family name was “Cheese”, my mom is Irene & my dad Jim. Janet was born in 1953 so is about your age. I remember the little shop across from the school where we’d get packets of crisps with the little salt bag … I even remember what the bag felt like when you ripped it open, funny what we remember. I also remember getting the strap at school from the headmaster. There were 2 sets of steps, one was for the seniors (I think) and we were forbidden to go up them … well yes, someone dared me, a boy named Derek Wheeler, and I got caught. How I hated that school after that and was afraid to go back. I don’t think I ever told my mom.
    Thanks again for the wonderful memories on this Saturday morning … I live in Canada now but often think of those days.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Christine
      Thank you for getting in touch, really pleased you like the website, it means a lot. Did you live in one of the Prefabs or one of the Victorian Houses ? I can’t place your name at the moment, Derek Wheeler rings a bell though, the Headmaster you got the strap from was his name Mr Heester ? the little corner shop was Don’s, days of Fruit Salad’s, Sherbert Pips, Sweet Tobacco, Smiths Crisps, Potato Puffs, the list goes on, great times, if you have any photos, cine film, etc of East Dulwich or Heber Road School, and memories to go with them that you would like to share, that would be fantastic, I am hoping to put together a DVD about East Dulwich, School Life, etc eventually, so I am looking for as much help as possible. Thanks again Christine

    • Christine Thompson (Stapleton) says:

      Hi Christine,
      I only just came across this chain of emails several years after they were posted. I moved to Lordship Lane Estate in 1953 when I was 2. I went to Goodrich, Elliot Bank and then Friern. I wondered if the Derek Wheeler you mention lived in Overhill Road. John’s memories are wonderful. I live in the USA now.

  4. Julian says:

    Hi John,

    Very interesting site. I write as regards Sylvia’s post. If you could put her in touch I may have some interesting news for her.

    Kind regards, Julian.

    • John Chinery says:

      Glad you like the site Julian, I have passed your details onto Sylvia, many thanks for getting in touch, Best Wishes, John

  5. Snowli says:

    Very interesting I was born 173 Underhill Road Lived there until I left school in 1963 very good memories I lived opposite the cemetery I was born in that house as well .I went to friern school and then Goodrich school .I have not got any photos E C T but your write up brought so many memories back thank you .

  6. andy gould says:

    Thanks for posting about East Dulwich, bought back many memories, have spent the last 36 years living in the USA mostly LA, but when i think of my time in the UK its never far from Dulwich, memories of the Sweet shop are vivid i think the owners daughter was at Heber road, John i remember coming over to your house with Tony Randell (anyone remember him and what ever happened to him) your mum was so very nice. Other memories were the Fun Fair at Peckham Rye also the Swimming baths, the Wimpey bar and a great cake shop on Lordship Lane. I lived at 31 Pellatt rd and would walk to school (both Heber and Thomas Calton) rain or shine (mostly rain)

    • Mick Skinner says:

      Hi Andy,
      Just going through the posts on this fantastic website, living in Pellatt rd you may remember my grandfather and my father I am sure they lived at no 32 the surname is Skinner my grandfathers name was Joe and my fathers name was Alan I also had a uncle called Roy, my father moved to playfield Crescent and my uncle moved to Bawdale rd
      I have so many great memories of East Dulwich

  7. Pat Edwards (Maiden Name) says:

    Comment about Heber Road School.

    Our teacher Mr Ibbotson got most, if not all through the 11+.
    Many years later my cousin told me that he became Brain of Britain one year (not sure what year though) He was a really nice decent chap and very polite.
    By the way I lived in 4 Whateley Road. I think I remember my dad knew them but I dont remember them. They would have lived next to the Wade family? I was friends with Pat Wade.
    My aunt Nell used to have the coal yard on the corner of Whateley and Ulverscroft roads

    I used to be friends with Pat Smith do you know whatever became of her?
    I also went to Heber Road, remember the head Mr Heester? Think thats right !
    One thing that sticks in my mind was in my early teens some chaps took over one of those prefabs by yours and had an enormous sound system in there. They charged everyone about a pound to get in. There was about a hundred in there at least. that must have been around 1964. I know I was about 13 or 14…..Loved reading your bit…

    • John Chinery says:

      I don’t know where Pat Smith is living these days, it would be nice to see her again, I don’t remember any noisy neighbours with loud speakers.

      Thanks for your memories Pat, that is interesting that you lived opposite my Nan in Whateley Road and also your Aunt Nell had the Coal Merchants which was Bicknells, my Dad hired one of their carts once to move some furniture, do you have any photos of the coal merchants or any other photos of East Dulwich that you would be willing to share on my site, any photos/memories would be great

      Best Wishes, John

    • Pat Marshall says:

      Hello Pat,
      It’s me, Pat Smith as was, now Pat Marshall. I live in Kent now and am in touch with John about once a year at Christmas time. It is wonderful going down memory lane. Some very fond memories of living in the prefabs in East Dulwich. Great reading other people’s recollections too.

  8. Pat Edwards (Maiden Name) says:

    Hi John I tried answering your email and it bounced back….I am sorting through my photos…I know I have one of the coal yard. It is a press one that was taken when there was a shortage of coal. Will sort them out soon but I have to go in hospital for a minor op so might take a week or so….Is there an email I can post them to? Or how do I put them on here?

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Pat
      Many thanks for getting back to me, that’s strange your email bounced back, my email address is writenotestudios@yahoo.com and would be great if you can attach photos and email, if not, you can upload photos directly to my website by clicking on Photo Gallery 2 and that page will allow you to browse and upload any photos you are able to share.

      Sorry you have to go into hospital for a minor op Pat, hope all goes well for you.

      Thank you for sorting out some photos it is very kind of you, the one of the coal yard will be great, thank you very much, any help you can give when you have the time and are feeling ok will be fantastic, thank you Pat

      Take Care

      Best Wishes

  9. Mike martin says:

    Hi there I remember pat Edwards she had a brother Tommy they used to work in bicknells, myself and my three brothers lived 3 doors away in ulverscroft road Mike Martin John Pete and Vick, also living down the road was Alan Bedford who was one of my best mates and in whately road John bendall there was also Keith dowey the watsons, we all went to heber road and if anyone remembers the rouges gallery as mr Heester used to call us that was myself Mike Martin Johnny bendall and Alan Bedford don’t know if anyone remembers any of these names

    • Pauline Goldsborough says:

      Hi Mike.
      I remember Keith Dowie. His father, Bill, married my mother after his wife died & my father died. They lived in Whateley Road & when Bill died my mother moved to Berkshire. Last I knew, Keith lived with his family in Orpington.

      • Richard Beadle says:

        Keith Dowie is a fellow baby-boomer and my oldest friend. I recently made contact with him on Facebook. His mother was known to me as Auntie Franie (presumably short for Frances) and was in turn best friends with my mother Hilda. Keith’s grandmother was the fearsome Mrs Dean and my mother always referred to Keith’s father as Bill Dean rather than Dowie so I suppose there must have been a second marriage at some stage. We all lived in Whateley Road.

    • Mark Bendall says:

      I think the Johnny Bendall you’re referring to was my dad (brother Kenny and sister carol, Joyce and Bill parents), sadly he passed away in 2006, I remember him telling me he knew Francis Rossi, I wish I could’ve asked him about the ‘rogues gallery’.

      • Mike Martin says:

        Hi Mark you don’t know me but I was your dads best friend in the sixties and seventies I’m really shocked and saddened that he died we had such a great childhood and we went on holiday together on the Norfolk broads we had a great time there I now live in Norfolk I remember your nan Joyce your grandad who johnny always called the general and your great nan i also remember Kenny and Carol by the way your dads nickname was farmer we got into some right old scrapes at school getting the cane by mr Heester and having to stand at the front of assembly every morning being labelled rouges gallery when I married in 1969 I lost touch with your dad and was always looking on friends reunited I don’t do Facebook or any of those things I have so many great memories of your dad and I’ll never forget did he have any other children and what became of Kenny and Carol.

  10. jacqui Triming says:

    We have been taken back to our youth and can remember our days spent as students at Heber Road School. Glen Triming my husband went to school 1950 at 5 years of age hated school and said that the teachers that he had were awful, Mr Heester gave him the cane many times as did many others,he always thought that he was the only one that hated school and all the punishment that he had until reading these forums,so many other kids were treated badly. I also went to Heber Road my name was Jacqui Millard, my brother and sister Alan and Sandra Millard also went there. I can remember all the teachers Mr Reagan was mine and he loved throwing things. We lived in the prefabs, Glen lived in 97 Henslow Road, we lived in the prefabs in Upland Road, our neighbours were the Clovers, Brian Maureen and Peter who would also have gone to Heber Road, I am still in contact with Brian Clover he lives in Australia as we do. Pat and Jean Smith lived at the back of my aunts prefab, I can remember Rossi playing his guitar in the back garden of Jeans mums prefab, small world isnt it. I still have family living in West Dulwich near the college, My brother and I visited there in 2005, we walked all around Dulwich, through Dulwich village, Barry Road and all the haunts that we visited as kids. I went to Friern Road School later on, Glen went to William Penn as did my brother. Life was hard for us as kids, my family were pretty poor dad worked so hard he was a coalman at one time, he delivered to Ann Sheltons house in the village he told us, even though pocket money was scarce we did have fun out of school playing in Peckham Rye Park runs outs as we called it, cricket at Piermont Green, hopscotch, rounders and skipping in the street much to the annoyance of a few people. Oh I musn’t forget going scrumping that was fun.Thanks for taking us back to childhood days.

    • John Davies. says:

      Hello Jacqui,
      Do you remember my sister Christine Davies, we lived in the prefabs in Upland Road at number 132, i’m sure i’ve heard her mention your family.
      John Davies

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Jacqui. I don’t know if you’ll get this, but I am the daughter of Jock and his wife (Devonshire Fish Bar). I also went to Friern Girls’ School and I also used to go scrumping and I remember being chased by an old lady with a broom once! My mum loaned a meat plate to Ann Shelton, but she never got it back! What a great site.

    • Maureen Oillf says:

      Hi Jacqui, I lived in Upland rd, my maiden name was Maureen Ollif, I new a Jacqui Millard & we went scrumping on our bikes & as you was leaning over the fence your bike rolled away & you was hanging by your boob & hurt yourself. Hope you are the right Jacqui, hope to hear from you, take care & stay safe

  11. Holly Barnes says:

    Hey my mums maiden name was McCleave, Dave McCleave was her dad, I guess we are related then.

  12. My 2 Brothers, My Sister and I all went to Heber Road.
    My 2nd Brother was born in 1952 and his name is Chris Kneebone. My Sister was born 1953 and her name is Denise. I wasn’t born until 1959 but by the time I went to Heber Rd Mr Heester was in his last years there as Mr Stevens took over. But I do remember Mr Reagan, Mr Hatton and Ms Dyson…. Ms Dyson was a friend of mine on Friends Re-united until it closed down a little while ago… But I hadn’t spoken to her for a few years.
    I also remember my headmistress in the infants who was Mrs Dawson and also my teacher who was Mrs Wakenshaw (If I have spelt her name correctly) The good old days
    I live in Maidstone now as does my brother Chris and until 3 1/2 years ago my Mum still lived in Dulwich (Thompson Rd) where we were all born. My Mum was also a cook at the school.
    Thank you John for giving us so many good memories. I used to work in the Coop in Lordship Lane where Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt used to have an apartment.
    There is also a Group on Facebook called “we grew up in East Dulwich” of which I am a member.
    Many thanks John
    Peter Kneebone

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Peter, Thank you for your memories, I remember your brother Chris very well, we are the same age, I also went to Rossi’s flat above the co-op a few times, he lived there with his wife Jean after moving out of the Prefab in Underhill Road, he then moved to Lowther Hill in Forest Hill, if you and Chris have any photos & memories of your time at Heber Road School & East Dulwich you are willing to share that would be great, Best Wishes, John

      • Hi John
        Thanks for your reply and my apologies for taking so long to read your reply.
        I may have some pics around somewhere I’ll take a look but I’m pretty sure Chris wont have… He never seems to have any memorabilia of his past for some reason…
        Best wishes

    • Marianne says:

      It’s daft, but I never knew that one of my favourite groups lived just round the corner, as we lived in the Devonshire Fish bar. Thanks for the FB link.

    • Joan says:

      I was in your sister Denise’s class – I remember her well for her glorious red hair – am I right ? We would have been in the same class right the way through I think. Also interestingly until recently I worked with Miss Dyson’s brother – she now lives in South Africa. Last saw her brother a year or so ago now and she was well, and he was always so pleased to know how well thought of she was. We were the Tarrant family (Christine, Sylvia, Robert and me – Joan) and we lived in Henslowe Road

  13. David Robert Livett born April 16 1939 says:

    Hello John
    You know me by now, I really am fascinated with all this data on East Dulwich. I have not yet recognized any names only locations but then your contemporaries were a decade or so younger than me. There was a reference to 255A Underhill Road, I lived in 245-so that would have bee five homes down from me on the same side. There was a family named Lee close by but I think 245A would have been the site of a mini-cab business just before I left.
    Shopping: most of ours was done at the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society (RACS) in Crystal Palace Road. When you walked down Underhill and crossed Barry, between you and Landells Road were a whole string of shops, including a hardware store run by Mr and Mrs Cutbush, a butchers (Astells?) a greengrocer Hastings and other I cant recall. Timing of this was perhaps 1945-1963. opposite were Hindmans and Darell Roads that took you down to the bottom of Upland Road before it became Northcross Road after crossing Crystal Palace. On one side of the road was the East Dulwich Police station and opposite the Upland Tavern pub.
    I could go on and on but I won’t

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi again David, Great to have your memories, keep them coming, Do you have any photos of your time in East Dulwich that you would be willing to share on this site ? if you look on the “Viera Rudkins Memories” page you will be able to see Photos of Hastings the Greengrocers, the photos were very kindly sent to to my site by his daughter. East Dulwich Police Station in Crystal Palace Road has been purchased by a builder, the Pub opposite the Police station was The Upland Tavern which has now been renamed “The Actress”, The Crystal Palace Tavern is further up the road, its name has now been changed to “The Great Exhibition”, there also many photos of the Crystal Palace Tavern on this site, click on “Shops & Pubs of East Dulwich Remembered” The shop on the corner of Hindmans Road where you could get a loaf or a pint of milk is still there. I remember Astells the Butchers very well and all the shops along that parade, the shops are still there but completely different. There was a little Cigarette Kiosk by Barry Road/Underhill Road. Do you remember Pococks the Fishmongers in Crystal Palace Road or Spinney’s the Antique Shop on the corner of Crystal Palace Road/Whateley Road ? The Fair always came to Peckham Rye Park every summer and you could always guarantee 2 weeks of rain. Do you remember the Kings Arms Pub, that is no longer a pub I think it is housing now. Do you remember The Heber Arms ? That is no longer a Pub. Don’s Sweet Shop opposite Heber Road School has been turned back into a house. Great times, thanks again David, keep your memories coming and if you find any photos it would be great to have them on this site. Best Wishes, John

      • Joan says:

        oh that little kiosk just past the Barry Road/Underhill Road junction – loved it ! Just like a little hole in the wall.

        And just along from there, regular visitor to the greengrocers, sweetshop, and Frescos (a little corner grocers). And what about the pet shop in Crystal Palace Road that had a window full of yellow chicks at certain times in the year

        • John Chinery says:

          Hi Joan, Thank you for your lovely memories, takes me right back, if you have any photos you would be willing to share along with your memories Joan it would be lovely to have them on my website, memories & photos are so important, I am just trying to build up a history of what East Dulwich & surrounding areas were like before all those memories are lost forever, thanks again Joan.

          Best wishes
          John Chinery

    • Pauline Goldsborough says:

      Hi David.
      Do you remember a butchers on the corner of Hindmans Road called Cuttings, a grocers on the diagonal corner called Lewis’, Alberts sweet shop a little further down where whole crowds of children would gather every evening?

      Branstons, a newsagents on the corner of Crystal Palace Road, I used to do a paper round early morning before school & also after school. The bakers on the corner opposite the Upland where I remember a large white loaf cost 4 1/2!

      Many years later my husband joined the Metropolitan Police & his first posting was a Crystal Palace Road. It is surprising what comes to mind reading other people’s posts.

      I found the company my mother worked for during the war,  Elephant Chemical Co. Ltd in Neate Street, Peckham. I used to work as a Saturday girl in RG Pecry in Rye Lane, many moons ago!

  14. Richard Beadle says:

    Mr. Hastings the Greengrocer only had one eye. My mother used to tell me that he lost his eye playing around with bows and arrows as a child but I’m not sure if that was true. There was certainly a connection with Hastings and somebody getting an arrow in the eye – LOL. There was a cobbler in that row of shops and the owner’s brother owned a cobblers shop in Crystal palace road. I can’t remember their names but in those days (early -mid 60’s) shoes were dropped off for repair and only ready for collection about a week later. Opposite the co-op in Crystal Palace Road was a small post office and a large sorting office was around the corner in Silvester road.

    I’m not sure but I think that Silvester road like Whateley Road and Heber Road was named after an Anglican bishop. It’s possible that the other parallel roads (Pellatt, Jennings etc.) were also named after English Bishops and if you look on a map you’ll that the area between Landcroft Road and Crystal Palace Road that is traversed by these roads forms the shape of a mitre. Maybe it’s just coincidence.

    Diagonally opposite our house at 28 Whateley on the corner of Cyrena was a small corner shop owned by Mr. and Mrs Dollemore. It was one of thousands of similar corner shops that went out of business when supermarkets began to appear. Further down Whateley on the corner of Landcroft Road was a fish and chip shop owned by a Scotsman and his German wife. Directly opposite was a bomb site which was where the annual communal bonfire was held on 5th November. The fish and chip shop always provided us with empty wooden boxes that burned very well. We never thought to ask Kellaways, the undertakers in Lordship lane if they had any empty boxes. I believe Kellaways is still there so unlike many corner shops some businesses have managed to survive.

    Hi John,
    You’ll see that I’ve made a couple of notes on your website http://www.camberwellboroughcouncil.co.uk which I recently discovered and must say I find very interesting. It brings back many happy memories of my time in South East London. I’ve lived in South Africa for a number of years but do visit London and Europe regularly.

    I was interested in the photo of Francis Rossi of Status Quo fame and his wife Jean who apparently had the maiden name Smith. I remember a Jean Smith in my class at Thomas Calton and the girl in the picture seems to bear a resemblance. To be honest I remember her well because she was a very good looking young lady. Her age is also about right so as she was your neighbour, I wonder if you happen to know if she went to Thomas Calton in the early 60’s.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Richard, Great to have your memories on here, thank you, if you have any photos of your time in East Dulwich you could share on here that would be great. I remember Hastings Greengrocers and the fact that he had only one eye, he always wore a patch, also Astells the Butchers, Hughes Paper Shop, My Nan used to work there cleaning, she would start at 5.30am, Aneloy Radio Shop, Georginas, a Ladies Shop, there was also a Toy Shop next to Georginas, they always had fabulous animated Christmas Displays in their window. My Nan, Grandad & Uncle lived at 5 Whateley Road, there name was Stacey, at 3 Whateley Road lived the Wades and at no 1 Whateley Road lived my Nans sister. I remember Dollemore’s very well, I was always going in there, I was also in the Fish & Chip Shop at the bottom of Whateley Road, always asked them to put some crackling on top of the chips, I remember the Co-op, the Post Office and the Sorting Office, the sorting office is still there in Pellatt Road, a robbery took place there in the 1960s, I think there used to be a Clockmakers Shop all painted black just down from the Co-op in Crystal Palace Road, there was a second hand shop by The Crystal Palace Tavern called Holland’s, I always remember it had a Black & White Rocking Horse in the window. I remember walking home from Heber Road School in the Smog with an old piece of Sheet across my mouth & nose. Everything you talk about brings back so many memories, thank you for that Richard, Best Wishes, John

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi again Richard
      Sorry for late reply, any help is always well received, I have added your comments to my website, thank you Richard. I used to go to Thomas Calton School in Adys Road and then Choumert Road, I’m not sure which school Jean went to but its quite possible she was at your School, as you say she was a very attractive lady, she always reminded me a bit of Sandie Shaw, I haven’t seen Jean Or her sister Pat in years, I often think about all my neighbours, they were good times. If you have any photos Richard that would be fantastic, any help in building up memories and a History of East Dulwich & surrounding areas is always much appreciated, thanks again Richard, Best Wishes, John

    • Marianne says:

      For Richard Beadle. I am the daughter of the Scotsman and his German wife who owned the Fish and Chip shop. My dad sadly died after a long battle with cancer in 1997. He was only 63. We had to sell the shop, regrettably. Although we ran it for 6 months. My mum sadly died in 2014. She was 94. I have seen pictures of the Golden City now and it really makes me feel sad to think of all the hard work, love and attention that my parents put into that business. I do have great memories though.

      • Karen kendall, was Rusby says:

        I remember you mum and dad, as a child I would go with my dad on a Friday evening to get our fish and chips, and your parents got me eating peace pudding , wonderful memories, I can see them behind the counter now. My mum has just told me that you mum got me a Christmas present, and she remembers you. Hope you are keeping well.

  15. Pauline Goldsborough says:

    I think the four adult ladies in the tight of the VE Day street party are Mrs Aylward, she had daughters Joan & Margaret, Mrs Bridge, she had three daughters, Rose, Betty & Sheila, they lived at 110 Crystal Palace Road & in her ‘chefs whites’ Mrs Ashman & her daughter Vicky, she also had another daughter, Joan, they lived at 126 CPR, next to my grandparents. Joan taught me to tap dance. (The above text refers to the photograph on the Pauline Goldsborough page)
    My grandfather used to cycle to Brixton every morning, he had a ‘Gammy’ leg, he worked for a bakery called Ensigns in Brixton and pulled a barrow to deliver bread, one of his customers was Dorothy Squires, the singer, who later married Roger Moore. All through the war he would never come down the shelter at the bottom of the garden. I can still remember the dreadful musty smell of it & I used to argue with my Nan over who would have the only hot water bottle. Such a relief when the all clear siren eventually went.

  16. Sheri Atkins (ne Crosher) says:

    Hiya, I went to Thomas Carlton with Doreen. I remember being in Dulwich park when the boys were sitting playing to a small crowd of girls. Soo long ago.

  17. Ray mcnally says:

    Hi, Just stumbled across your site, looking for best mate Geoffrey Faulkener who lived in a prefab on the corner of Friern Road, and the main road
    Everett Veros was where my mother Dorothy Mcnally worked until the early 1970s, being born in 1945 I lived at 221 Dunstans Road until approx 1956.
    Remember well Dawson Hill where we played as children, collected scrap at sixpence a sheet for the local Steptoe and Son.
    Don’t have any photos of this area but happy to fill in any gaps I can for you .

  18. David Robert Livett born April 16 1939 says:

    Let me take you to my old home at 245 Underhill right opposite St Aidan’s Road, for many years my access to Peckham Rye Park. If I go back far enough I can see a huge barrage balloon hovering above the junction of Underhill and St Aidan’s and a row of public air rid shelters in St Aidan’s.
    I go forward half a decade or so to when I made the acquaintance of several children from St Aidan’s who would be my companions for a decade or so through school and Sunday school and eventually as drinking mates.
    The Beaney twins, Fred and Raymond; Eric Gates, Peter Marshall, Tony Limb, Tony Wood, David Austin and Sylvia Wakefield. Where are they now I wonder?. Grandmother to Fred and Raymond was a lovely old soul named Mrs Austin, I seem to recall she being a park-keeper at Peckham, possibly looking after the kiddie’s area-swings, sandpit and whatever.
    At the bottom of St Aidan’s, opposite the Herne Tavern was Page’s bakery. it very likely had been there two generations before me. I don’t recall any retail outlet neither do I remember any door to door delivery service. I do recall vans and trucks going in and out some with horse. I see by my map that there is a housing estate there now.

    • Kate Sims says:

      Hi, My parents bought 7 Piermont green in 1970 built by Frederick William Page, who owned the bakery. The bakery and land was compulsorily purchased by the council at the same time and it was used to store old telephone boxes and cables. We used to play in the old bakery and I remember the ovens and bread baking paddles in there.
      Does anyone have any information about the bakery and where the bread was sold?

      • michael nye says:

        Hi Kate, Just found this very interesting site about life in East Dulwich by John Chinery and thought I must reply to you about Pages Bakery. I lived in a ground floor flat in Piermont Rd from 1952 until 1973, my Dad still lives there at the age of 96. My Dad, Alf, worked at Pages bakery as a mechanic, repairing the vans, starting at 15 yrs old until it closed down in the early seventies. He was the last of the workforce to leave, helping the family to sell off all the machinery and lorries. He rented the flat from Fred Page, and we knew the family well, including the other two brothers who part owned the business. It was a very large bakery delivering bread and cakes to outlets all around the country. If they were short of delivery drivers my dad would be asked to make a delivery, usually to a London station where the bread/cakes were put on a train bound for the North. In the holidays I would always beg him to let me go with him, which was a fantastic treat at the time. Just as an add on I went to Friern Rd school in 1957, and then on to Heber Rd untill 1963. I remember well the teachers mentioned by other contributors, and life at the school.

  19. Tom Shea says:

    I was at Heber Road from 1957 – remember fondly, Mrs Booth in the infants and being proud to be one of the ones asked to re-gloss paint the chairs we sat on.

    I can also remember the sweet shop although it is a romantic view I can see – and the wonderful grocers shop. As for the Fish and Chip shop in Whately Road, I remember their ‘saucy’ notices and particularly, “Once a King always a King – but once a Knight is enough” – very risqué. Along with ‘cracklings’ aplenty every Friday night when we got the fish and chips for tea.

    I lived in Dunstans Road, just off Underhill and spent many hours either in the Park or on the bomb site at the top of Dunstans.

    Freedom was the order of the day, along with outdoor toilets, gas lighting, the greengrocer, milkman and coal man with horse and cart delivery to your door… Oh and Esso Blue and Corona…

    Could go on and on – memories flood back – Pie and Mash – Jellied Eels – buying the Sunday Papers for my Dad and sneaking a look at the News of the World on the way home….

  20. Emma Chinery says:

    What a amazing Job you have done dad ! I’m so very proud of you . This site is so addictive and full of great information. The work you have put into making this site is wonderful I will never tire of reading about my hero …My dad! love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Karen kendall, was Rusby says:

    Wow, how the memories have come flooding back, the names and places are so familiar, even the penny sweets, school and the headmaster. Don’t you just feel sorry for the kids today, with their computer games and mobiles…….if we needed to communicate,we would just shout up the road. I grew up in Landells Road, as did my father and his mother, my Nan. I expect out forefathers crossed paths at sometime or another. Good wishes to you, and thanks for the memories you have jogged my mind about.

  22. james says:

    would love to see pictures of Dave McCleave’s fights, particularly against the great Scot Bert Gilroy… thank you and good luck with your project. jamesglen

  23. Pauline Humphreys says:

    I´m wondering if anyone has any information on Eric Smith, who had a greengrocers on Lordship Lane, I have reason to believe he knew my mother. Is he still alive?

  24. Kevin Costello says:

    My name is Kevin Costello. I was born and raised in whatley Rd and went to Heber Road School from 1956-1961.
    I remember the Alan Bedford very well and played football with him several time in Peckham Park. I think he was on Spurs books.
    One of my best mates was Johnny Martin and we got into lots of trouble together over the years.
    Bonfire night on the bombsite wa s always fantastic and the fish and chips opposite was a true treat. The saveloys and faggots were memorable.
    Love the site and will return often to tell my stories, including scrumping on Dawson’s Hill.

  25. Kevin Costello says:

    I think the name of the football team was whatcroft. Alan Bedford, Dick York and Micky Martin were the stand out players.

    • Mike Martin says:

      Hello Kevin, Just thought I’d let you know that it was Whatecroft named after your road and mine. Alan lives in California and has done for over 30 years, he came back about 5 years ago and I met up with him and his mum and dad and had a drink with him, not seen Dicky York for over 40 years but I saw your message on the East Dulwich Forum. My brother John now lives in Basildon and I live in Norfolk, you might remember me, I’m Mike Martin, hope your well.

      • Kevin Costello says:

        Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you Mike. I hope you and John are well?

        I’m ok thanks, the memories keep flooding back but when I tell my kids about living in a house with a tin bath and an outside toilet they think I’m telling stories.

        Please keep in touch.

        Regards Kevin

  26. Bert Griffiths (Albert) says:

    Hi John/everyone,
    I had been trying to remember the name of the Motorcycle shop on the corner of East Dulwich Road and Oakhurst Grove ( back in the 60’s ) so turned to the internet, in that endeavour, when I came across this site. Well done to all involved it is very interesting. Most of the subscribers seem to come from around the mid part of Crystal Palace Road, I grew up at the Goose Green end, so none of the names mentioned meant much till I came across Kevin Costello’s name, possibly also Mike Martin, if he lived at Goose Green, I was very familiar with Northcross Road as I worked in the 2nd hand shop next to Mollys Hairdressers and the Upland Tavern in the school holidays, and Neimans Groceries on Lordship Lane Thursday and Friday evenings delivering groceries on a bike with a carrier on the front ( I believe Neimans was one of the very first supermarkets as we know them now ) My name is Bert Griffiths, Grove Vale Primary, and William Penn….oh and by the way does anyone remember the name of that Motorcycle shop ?

    • Jim Mason says:

      Hi Bert, I thought it was called Roy Clayton’s and sold push-bike stuff as well. I lived at 35 Tyrrell Road (other end of Oakhurst) from birth, September 1952, until about 11 years old. I recognise a few names on here but doubt anyone would remember me, Jim Mason. The youngest of four, Pete, Rob and Sue my siblings. I went to Heber Road and scored a hat-trick in our 10-0 demolition of Grove Vale!!

  27. Jonathan Brown says:

    Very interesting reading…I’m sure there was a Chinery who went to Wilson’s Grammar School in Camberwell with me in the 60’s /70’s, think he was in the RAF CCF, went to a CCF camp with him one summer..? Lots of memories of East Dulwich, we grew up there, went to St Johns & St Clements School, Archdale Road (when we lived at Therapia Road) but moved to Dulwich Hamlet School when we lived at Woodwarde Road. Does anyone remember those lovely shops along Lordship Lane?.. that TV/Radio shop where the owners had huge black American cars parked outside, Marriots Toy Shop, Hogans Motor Factors.. my brother Steve used to go out with the owners daughter Glynis Hogan… but that’s another story ! I have a dear friend I met in the late 70’s working in Deptford.. Stan (Aubrey) Ridgewell, pretty sure he went to Thomas Carlton & William Penn with his mates Ron Burchett (now in California) & Terry Dovey… know any of them? Stan now lives in West Wickham & Pevensey Bay.

  28. Michael Mills says:

    To Richard Beadle

    Hi Richard,

    The two shoe repairers you mention in your Sept. 11, 2016 post, were Stan Watson (325 Upland Road) and his brother, Arthur, in Crystal Palace Road. Stan was my uncle, and when I was a kid I used to run leather from one shop to the other.

    All the very best,

    Mike (mike.haworth46@outlook.com)

  29. Rose Collins says:

    This story brought back many fond memories, I used to know a John Chinery, I think it is you.
    Did you used to be a skinhead? A very smart one if I remember correctly.
    We used to go to East Street, and the Temple Bar pub, and you had a younger brother.
    I lived in Arica Road, Brockley.
    Sorry if I have the wrong John, but if it is you, I just had to say hello.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Rose,
      Yes, you are right, it is me, and I was a skinhead, its lovely to hear from you, how are you ? They were great times Rose, I remember us going to East Street, it was a great place, I have a lot of good memories of those times.
      I remember your Home in Brockley, and the pub at the end of the road, also remember your Mum, such a lovely lady, and your brother.
      You brought me a lovely stainless steel watch back from Switzerland once, I still have it. Lovely to hear from you Rose

  30. Rose Collins says:

    So glad you remember me and you still have the watch. Must have bought that 50 years ago, unbelievable
    Are you on Facebook or messenger, I could reminisce all day, I always talk about you to my friends.
    If you can look me up on Facebook Rosemarie Collins
    (Barklamb) it would be good to catch up.
    Love Rose xx

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Rose, I have never forgotten you, I remember the first time we met, it was at Jeans 16th Birthday party, she lived in Kelvington road, you was quite tipsy that night but I made sure you got home ok, we met up next day and had a drink in the Heber Arms.
      I remember we stayed in my mates caravan in Colchester one Bank Holiday, I met you at the station when you finished work, you worked for the Prudential then.
      We had a few drinks in a pub in the Walworth Road one Saturday night, Band of Gold by Freda Payne had just been released, that was the first time I heard that song in that pub with you, it’s great looking back at all the good times we all had then.
      It’s lovely to know you still talk about me to your friends, I have never signed up to Facebook or Messenger.
      Love & Best Wishes, John xxxx

      • Rose Collins says:

        I certainly remember the caravan, and all the rest, I was normally tipsy, I am a light weight, they were good times.
        Do you remember going along the walworth road singing All Right Now, strange thing to remember, but we had fun times.
        shame they ended, but as we know life goes on and we take different roads.
        Hope your life has been good I have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren, and now live in Bexleyheath, didn’t move to far
        Great catching up, you take care
        Love, Rose xxxxx

  31. John Chinery says:

    Hi Rose, As you say they were good times, very good times, I love All Right Now, it’s a fantastic song………My Brother lives in Bexleyheath, near Danson Park………I had 2 Daughters, sadly I lost my youngest Daughter to Cancer in 2004, she was just 27 and left 3 young children, life is so cruel at times, I think about her and miss her everyday, my eldest Daughter has 2 children………..pleased you got in touch Rose, it’s lovely to hear from you, and as you say, great catching up and turning back the clock, glad you are ok, you take care too Rose, Love & Best Wishes, John xxxxx

  32. rose collins says:

    So sorry to hear about your daughter it must have been very hard on you and your family
    So your brother lives near Danson we live by Bostall Heath
    It is really good reminiscing and catching up but I do think this site is a bit public do you have an email address
    Anyway enjoy the weather take care
    Love Rose xx

  33. John Chinery says:

    Thank you Rose, it was a very difficult time, absolutely devastating…….
    my email address writenotestudios@yahoo.com
    Glad it’s cooled down a bit, you take care too
    Love & Best wishes, John xxx

  34. Eric Ward says:

    Hi John, I new all your family very well. I was born in 1950 in 25 Rodwell Road. I can remember two of your uncles, or your dad and one uncle, were in the army and air force. They were probably about 10 or 12 years older than me but my older brother Fred was more their age. I can remember your nan very well, the picture brought back memories. I think your nan and grandad lived in between the Andersons and the Welloms, probably spelt the name wrong. happy days. I have a book coming out soon on growing up in Rodwell Road in the fifties, Its called “Wardy, The Kid from The Rough End Of The Street” I think you would like it.
    Regards Eric

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Eric, Thanks for all your comments, it’s nice to know you remember all my family. My Uncle Ron (youngest of 3) did National Service in the RAF, my Uncle Frank (eldest) was in the Army in the war and my Dad, Fred, tried to get in the Army but was turned down on medical grounds, they all lived with my Nan & Grandad at 8 Rodwell Road.
      (Dad passed away 3 years ago aged 87, Uncle Frank passed away in 2000) my Uncle Ron will be 90 next year. The book sounds great, will it be for sale on Amazon Eric or in the shops ? I’ll look out for it, I also wrote a book about my life called “The Boy from East Dulwich” but I only printed a few copies for family. I was born in the basement of 36 Rodwell Road in 1952, we moved from there when I was just over a year old to a Prefab in Underhill Road, loved that Prefab.
      Best Wishes, John

  35. Sandra Slade says:

    Hello John
    Came across your site whilst looking for photos of East Dulwich as I’m using the Covid 19 shut-down period to write about my childhood for my grandchildren who have no understanding of how different life was in the 1950’s. I was born in 1945 and lived in Fellbrigg Road – went to Heber School from 1950-56 and my husband was born in 1951 and went there from 1956 to 62. My maiden name was Sandra Barnes and he is Peter Slade. Found your site fascinating and my husband certainly recognised some of the names of people who replied to you. We have lived in Somerset for almost 40 years now but lived in East Dulwich right up till the time we moved here.
    Hope you’re keeping well and safe at this difficult time
    Sandra Slade (nee Barnes)

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Sandra, Many thanks for getting in touch, always great to have new memories & photos where possible, much appreciated. I started this site for anyone who might be interested and any help that anyone was able to give. Just trying to build up a history of East Dulwich & surrounding areas before it is all lost, memories are so important, even more so if it is about the place you grew up in.

      Glad you like the site Sandra, any memories/photos you and Peter might have would be great to have them on here if you were able to share. Did Peter ever live in Rodwell Road ? I’m sure my Uncle, Ron Chinery has mentioned the surname Slade, my Uncle lived at 8 Rodwell Road.

      We’re keeping well, touch wood Sandra, thank you for asking, hope you are too, take care and good luck with your memoirs.

      Best Wishes
      John Chinery

      • Sandra Slade says:

        Hi John
        Thanks for your reply. My husband’s grandparents lived in Rodwell Road – he thinks No.4. His grandfather’s name was Ernest, or Ernie, and he was known as a ‘rag and bone’ man or totter with a horse and cart. By the time Peter knew him he was retired and, to be honest, he didn’t see that much of him. Peter lived in Crystal Palace Road with his brother Jeff who was eight years older than him. After we married (early 1970’s) we lived in Lordship Lane near Goose Green for seven years and then in Jennings Road.
        Keep well and safe

        • John Chinery says:

          Hi again Sandra,
          Hope you are both well and hope your memoirs are going ok.
          Many thanks for your reply and adding some of your memories, it is much appreciated.

          Best wishes
          John Chinery

        • John Chinery says:

          Hi Sandra & Peter,
          I don’t know if you received my email with the photo of one of Peters relatives, Freddie Slade, hope so, thought you might be interested, the same photo is on this page.

          Best wishes
          John Chinery

  36. Jean (Bailey) Glauser says:

    Hello John,
    I am totally enthralled with all I’ve just been reading here. I don’t know where to begin. Okay. I was born at 36 East Dulwich Road in 1942. Lived in East Dulwich until 1965, went first to Heber Road School, then to Honor Oak Grammar School. We first moved to 5 Heber Road, next door to the Heber Arms, in about 1947 (I’m guessing). It was a shop then. Dad repaired stuff there. After a couple of years we swapped houses with Tommy Cornwall who lived at 34 across the road. I remember I hated it at first because it only had gas and we had had electricity. Tommy Cornwall sold fruit and veg from a barrow on Saturdays and shrimps and winkles on Sunday. Number 34 is the tall house on the corner that was attached to the cobblers shop. Mr Lawrence was the cobbler and his helper, a deaf man, was called Ginger. Our name was Bailey, Jim and Edie Bailey and their kids Jean (me) and Jim. Dad’s mum, Polly Turner, lived in Rodwell Road a few houses up from Cyrena, the side where the houses had areas. Her maiden name was Wells. I recognize many of the names mentioned in this site, including Chinery. Opposite our tall, crazy house was its twin, a grocer’s shop run first by Miss Jones and later by the Wesgates (?) I believe. Next door to that was Don’s sweet shop (actually called The Don on the sign). On the other side of the Heber Arms, before the school, was a builder’s yard. There were many small corner shops back then. The one on the corner of Cyrena and Rodwell was run by the Perkins sisters., the Hawtons lived next door. The most interesting feature of our house was the cellar. Before the shop was a cobblers it was a bakery, and there were long ovens that must have stretched under the shop, with creepy iron doors on them. My dad had the cellar as his machine shop, with all sorts of large machines that he would use to make metal things to earn extra money. We immigrated to Australia in 1951, but Mum and I returned in 1952, Dad and Jim in 1954. Back to the same house, same job, which must have nearly killed my poor father — he loved Queensland. I hope you have found something of interest here, John. I have actually written a novel set in 1956, where I describe what life was like in southeast London. It’s definitely not a best seller — written really to show my kids how different life growing up was for their mother — but you might be interested as you will certainly recognize many things/places I talk about. It’s called The Heaven and Hell Picture, a picture that the protagonist (me) sees on a visit to Horniman’s Museum, which becomes the theme. Once again, I simply could not believe my luck running across your wonderful website. Thanks you so much for the walk down memory lane.
    I now live in Texas but come home often . . . and I’ve not lost my London accent.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Jean,
      I’m glad you like the site, it makes it all worth it. Thank you so much for getting in touch with all your wonderful memories and adding them to my site, it is very much appreciated, if you have any photos you would be willing to share along with your memories on my site Jean that would be fantastic. Peoples memories are so important, I just wanted to build a website about East Dulwich & the surrounding areas and try and build up a history of peoples memories/photos/etc of how it used to be before it is all lost. I’m glad you remember the Chinerys, my Nan (Patsy Chinery) & Grandad (Fred Chinery) lived at 8 Rodwell Road with their 3 sons, Frank Chinery (the eldest) Fred Chinery Jnr (my Dad) and Ron Chinery (the youngest).

      Many thanks again Jean, your memories are amazing and I am so glad to have them on my site, Such wonderful times back then, its thanks to good people like yourself Jean, and all the other wonderful people that have contributed memories/photos to my site that we are able to look back and see how life was back then, East Dulwich was a great place to live and it will always have a special place in my heart.

      Take care Jean

      Best Wishes
      John Chinery

  37. Barry says:

    Hi John

    I used to live at 194 underhill Road. You and I used to play together. Brings back memories. Francis over the back. Pat and Jean. Your dad scared the life out of me when he shouted for you to get in. Wonderful memories thank you.
    Barry Kidd

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Barry,
      Good to hear from you, hope you are keeping well, they were great times back then, East Dulwich was such a good place to grow up in.

      I loved living in our Prefab, things seemed so different then, I’m still in touch with Jean & Pat from time to time, had a long chat with Rossi a few years ago, it was sad about Rick Parfitt, such a nice bloke, I often think about our neighbours, Mrs Burns, her Son Terry, Daughter Jean & Son Nicky – Mr & Mrs Moy & son Bobby – Roy & Sylvia Green & two sons Terry & Tony – Flo & Joe Parker & 2 sons Bobby & Billy.

      Don’t know if you have been back to East Dulwich at all but there are still 2 Prefabs left in Underhill Road on the opposite side of the road to where we lived, they will soon be pulled down, such a shame.

      My Dad passed away just over 5 years ago, he was 87. My Dad did shout a lot and I was always in trouble.

      I could go on all day, Anyway Barry good to hear from you, if you have any photos/memories from the time you lived there that you are willing to share & add to my site that would be great.

      Best Wishes
      John Chinery

    • Pat Marshall says:

      Hello Barry,
      I remember you and your family very well, and I think my sister Jean was a friend of your sister Sue. I loved chatting to your Mum as she had such a lovely accent to her voice.
      Hope all s well with you.
      Pat Marshall nee Smith

  38. Joan Tarrant (as was) says:

    Were our family the only ones who went to Sunday School and Girls Brigade at the tiny Tabernacle on Barry Road – haven’t seen it mentioned much on here. The Girls Brigade kept us very busy and the week long camps we went away to were legendary – all thrown in the back of a removal lorry and off for a week away by the sea along with the “boys club” – not sure exactly who they were, but always came with us !! Also we all joined the Girls Brigade band marching round the streets firstly as the girls brigade but then joined forces with other to become the Southward Drum and Trumpet Corps. “We” were Christine, Sylvie and Joan Tarrant living in Henslowe Road and pupils at Heber School

    • Terri Riddle nee Hellicar says:

      Hi Joan, you will know of me , of course, Terri Hellicar (now Riddle). Your sister Sylvia and I went to Heber Road School from 1956-63 but at 11 went to different Secondary Schools but remained friends. We are still in touch with one another. I joined the Girls Life Brigade when I was 5 and was in the Girls Brigade, as it later became, until my mid teens. I played the trumpet in the band from its formation and became the lead trumpeter being awarded the silver trumpet which was harder to play than the brass version for some reason. My claim to fame is that we played at theRoyal Albert Hall on one occasion! I visited “Captain” Beryl Cain about 3/4 years ago as we have kept in touch over the years.
      My first teacher at Heber Road School was Miss/Mrs Cook and I still remember my first day and the large rocking horse in the classroom. I was miffed to find out that I had to go to school the next day and the next and the next and so on. I think I must have felt pushed out of the next because one of my younger brothers was born in June of that year! Miss Baker was a teacher and I remember Mrs Booth as we sometimes looked after her Budgerigar, Judy, sometimes when my sister and brother were in her class. In the Junior school Mrs Sanderson was my teacher in the 3rd and 4th years when I was 10 and 11 years old. . She made a great impression on me as she was such a good, wise, more mature teacher who was strict but not unkind, and seemed to get the best out of everybody. She used to discuss topical matters with us in the mornings and encouraged us to give them some thought. She once told me and the class that I had “soul” because I wrote an essay about sliding along in ruts in the snow as the sun set, casting pink shadows. She taught us 3 important words, both the spelling and the meaning of them. I quote them to my grandchildren who look at me askance!! They were supercilious, incongruous and intermittent and over the years I have put them to good use. How many of my class remember those words?
      Susan Roberts was also a friend from when I was 5 and we went to Heber Road School and our secondary school, Kingsdale School, from 1963-69. Again we are still in touch and see each other regularly.
      We lived in Rodwell Road at number 44 where my mother was born (her maiden name was Barry) and my father was born in Heber Road opposite the school, one of 7 children.
      I recognise several names mentioned in this forum and it’s been a lovely trip down memory lane.

  39. Terry Gould says:

    Hello John how are you? Hope you are keeping well.

    You were a friend of my brother Andy and I remember you being at our house with another boy called Tony Randall. That must have been the early 1960’s. Your site is great and I’ve already found someone I went to school with (Barry Kidd). I wonder if you can help me find a name and history of a builders that my Dad worked for. They were called Petts (maybe A.L. Petts) and had a yard in between the row of shops opposite the Grove Tavern. It would be good to know what happened to them as my Dad worked for them for years. Did you publish your book? Can you tell me where I can get a copy? Look forward to hearing from you. Hasta la Pasta Terry

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Terry, All good thanks mate, touch wood, hope you are too.

      I remember Andy saying when we left school he was going into the music business, he said he was starting as a tea boy in a record company, glad he made a career in the music & film business.

      I did finish my book and get it printed Terry but just had it done for the family, if I ever have it published I’ll let you know.

      The only information I have regarding the builders your Dad worked for is the address Terry, sorry I could’nt help any further, if I find anything else I’ll let you know –
      A L Pett & Co, Builders, 523 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich,
      S.E 22.

      If you have any memories or photos of East Dulwich you would be willing to add to my site would be great, all the best Terry.

      Best Wishes

  40. Doreen Davison says:

    Hi John only went on site to find out more about Mr Hatton,and came across you ! My Name was Doreen Davison and I was born 1949 I went to Heber Road School and was in Mr Hatton Class ,he made my life Hell and completely ruin my Childhood he disliked me so much for what reason I will never know I was a very shy kid and blushed every time anybody spoke to me so never had any confidence at all from which Mr Hatton took great pleasure from …..My Cousin was Jonny Bendell who was also in my Class …I was born in Barry Road and now live in Biggin Hill Kent thanks for the memories and would love to have one of yours Books love Doreen

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Doreen, Many thanks for your memories, always appreciate new memories & photos if anyone has any to share, glad you like the site. I wrote the book basically just for my family, If I ever publish it for sale I will definitely let you know Doreen. Many thanks,
      best wishes, John.

  41. Duke Sell says:

    Hi John.
    How are you mate.
    Duke Barry Sell.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Barry, I’m fine thanks mate, touch wood, hope you are too, good to hear from you.

      If you have any memories/photos of East Dulwich/Thomas Calton you could add to my site that would be great, just trying to build up a history of East Dulwich & surrounding areas.
      All the best mate

  42. Duke Sell says:

    John,here’s my email address,be good to chat with ya

  43. Kevin Costello says:

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kevin Costello and as previously mentioned I was born in Whatley Road and also went to Heber Rd school.

    My family has a history of gamblers and as I kid I remember posting there bet’s through the letterbox of a darkened shop in Lordship Lane. Bookmakers didn’t exist in those days.

    My uncle (Harket) was involved in the betting shop called Jack Bucks again in Lordship Lane many years later.

    My first girlfriend (Julie Bailey) was also a Dulwich girl and our first meeting was us scrumping on Dawsons Hill. I later got caught by Ann Shelton’s husband scrumping in her back garden having climbed over her fence that backed onto Dulwich Park. I have a feeling John Martin was with me at the time.

    The fish a chip shop was a place my family used most Fridays, when my dad got paid. I think we referred to it as Smiths fish and chips. It was the first place I ever tried faggots. They were a lovely family that owned.

    My son has just moved back into that area and I now often drive around the streets looking at areas that bring back some good memories. Of course that area is now well out of my price range. All very “gentrified” with very posh looking coffee shops.

    Those times I guess were hard but I don’t remember ever going hungry or cold. Playing football in the streets, with the odd car parked to make life a little difficult. Playing football next to the Peckham Park bandstand and knock down ginger. Also it never seemed to rain on school holidays!!

    Anyway, thanks for the memories and all the best to the Dulwich street urchins.

  44. Layla Saunders says:

    My mother in law Jane Saunders came across your site and she remembered some of the names and enjoyed reading the messages. She lived in east Dulwich right up to around 2010 and went to Heber road school , I think she started around 1955. Anyway I see there’s a book , is there anyway I can purchase it. Thought it would make a nice present for her.
    All the best

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Layla,
      Thank you for getting in touch, glad your Mum is enjoying the site. If your Mum has any memories & photos she would be willing to share on this site that would be great, always looking for as many new memories/photos as possible before all these wonderful memories are lost forever.

      I have had a lot of enquiries regarding my book, I have been writing the book basically for my family, I’m very sorry but at the moment have no plans to publish the book for sale.

      Many thanks again for getting in touch Layla, hope you and your family have a great Christmas.

      Kind Regards
      John Chinery

  45. Lisa restorick says:

    Hi. My mum’s family the Green’s lived at 36 Rodwell Road back in the 50’s to the 70’s

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Many thanks for your comment regarding your Mum’s family, hope you like my website.
      If you have any photos & memories of East Dulwich you could share it would be great to have them on here.

      I was born in the basement of 36 Rodwell Road when your Mum’s family lived upstairs, my Mum’s name was Joan Chinery (nee Stacey) and her friends name was Joan Green, was that your Mum ?

      Kind Regards
      John Chinery

  46. John Anderson says:

    My name is John Anderson my brother Barry and I lived in 12 Rodwell Road I found this site about two years ago and have tried several times to make contact I don’t know what I’m doing wrong So here’s one more try This site is so interesting Brings back lot’s of memories

  47. Paul Himsworth says:

    Dave McCleve was married to my Great Aunt. They managed the Tulse Hotel and retired to Worthing. Dave passed away in 1988. I believe he was awarded the Freedom of the City of London.

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