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Dulwich blue plaques

Below is the complete list of blue plaques awarded for Dulwich, including full inscription and location.

Anne Shelton

1928 to 1994
Popular singer and the World War II ” Forces’ Favourite”
Lived here
Voted by the people

142 Court Lane
London SE21

Edgar Kail

Dulwich Hamlet FC. 1900 to 1976
Last amateur footballer to play for England
Voted by the People

Dulwich Hamlet Football Ground
Edgar Kail Way
London SE22

Enid Blyton

1897 to 1968
Popular writer of over 600 books for children
Voted by the People

354 Lordship Lane
London SE22

John Lawson Johnson

Inventor of bovril
Owned and lived here at ‘Bovril castle’ Kingswood House
Voted by the People

Kingswood House
Seeley Drive
London SE21 8RQ

Phyllis Pearsall

1906 to 1996
Inventor of the London A to Z
Voted by the People

3 Court Lane Gardens
Court Lane
London SE21

Richard Church

Writer and Poet
Lived here 1905-1912

2 Warmington Road
London SE24

Sam King. M.B.E.

Born 1926
Mayor of Southwark, 1983-1984
Wartime R.A.F serviceman
Passenger on the Empire Windrus
West Indian community leader an Christian advocate
Lived here 1958 – 1984
Voted by the People

2 Warmington Road
London SE24

For more Information please visit Blue Plaques Southwark Council

(above information Southwark Council)

Person or institution Inscription Address Year issued Photo
John Logie Baird
“Television pioneer lived here” 3 Crescent Wood Road
Sydenham SE26 6RT
Annie Besant
“Social Reformer lived here in 1874” 39 Colby Road
Gipsy Hill SE19 1HA
Joseph Chamberlain
“Lived here” 188 Camberwell Grove
Denmark Hill SE5 8RJ
Sir Alan Cobham
“Aviator was born here” 78 Denman Road
Peckham SW15 5NR
Dr. Charles Vickery Drysdale
“A founder of the Family Planning Association opened his first birth control clinic here in 1921” 153a East Street
Walworth SE17 2SD
C. S. Forester
“Novelist lived here” 58 Underhill Road
East Dulwich SE22 0QT
Leslie Howard
“Actor and Film Director lived here” 45 Farquhar Road
Upper Norwood SE19 1SS
Boris Karloff
“William Henry Pratt alias Boris Karloff 1887–1969 Actor was born here” 36 Forest Hill Road
Peckham Rye SE22 0RR
Dr. Harold Moody
“Campaigner for Racial Equality lived and worked here” 164 Queens Road
Peckham SE15 2HP
Scipio Africanus Mussabini
“Athletics Coach lived here” 84 Burbage Road
Herne Hill SE24 9HE
George Myers
“Master Builder lived here 1842–1853” 131 St George’s Road
Southwark SE1 6HY
Percy Lane Oliver
“Founder of the First Voluntary Blood Donor Service lived and worked here” 5 Colyton Road
Peckham Rye SE22 0NE
Sax Rohmer
“Sax Rohmer [Arthur Henry Ward] 1883–1959 Creator of Dr. Fu Manchu lived here” 51 Herne Hill
Herne Hill SE24 9NE
1985 Arthur Henry Ward Sax Rohmer 1883-1959 creator of Dr Fu Manchu lived here.jpg
Sir Eyre Massey Shaw
“First Chief Officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade lived here 1878–1891″ Winchester House, 94 Southwark Bridge Road
Borough SE1 0EG
2000 Sir Eyre Massey Shaw (6150824055).jpg
Sir Francis Pettit Smith
“Pioneer of the Screw Propeller lived here 1864–1870” Fountain House, 17 Sydenham Hill
Sydenham SE26 6SH

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2 Responses to Blue Plaques

  1. Dave Livett says:

    As a former resident of Underhill Road East Dulwich 1939-63 and now living in Australia, I congratulate and sincerely thank all who have made this Bicknells Coal yard website and all its pages. Lots of memories in peace and in war; no one, whereever they may go to should forget their roots. The site has grown ever better since I discovered it
    in 2014. keep it up and i will contribute to the memories when I can.

  2. Dave Livett says:

    These blue plaques is a splendid idea. I never thought my native suburb had so many
    notable people. The whole of the Bicknells coal yard website is brilliant and I have enjoyed adding a few scribbles to it.

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