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Camberwell Borough Council Staff Beano Outing – Late 1950s/Early 1960s – you can see The Nayland Rock Hotel at Margate, in the background. 

BEANO 1 copy

L/R – Fred Chinery, Bill Neville, Harry Nockles, Alf Bull – I Don’t know who the gent is on the end

BEANO 2 copy

Bill Neville, Harry Nockles, Fred Chinery & Alf Bull

BEANO 4 copy

L/R – You can just see Harry Nockles Lying Down, Alf Bull, Fred Chinery & Bill Neville

BEANO 3 copy

L/R – Fred Chinery, Bill Neville, Harry Nockles, Alf Bull – I Don’t know who the gent is on the end

Lucas Gardens Fete approx 1960

me, cal mcCord & Dad 1960 copy

Thats me, John Chinery, (approx 8 years old) holding a heavy stetson cowboy hat, I am looking up at Cal McCord, I was told he was a real cowboy, he is signing my autograph book, he also gave me a used cartridge, my dad, Fred Chinery, is standing next to him.

me on horse lucas gardens age approx 8 1960 copy

John Chinery at the same Lucas Gardens Fete taking a pony ride.

Brenchley Gardens


L/R – Fred Chinery, Jimmy Tuck & Alan Hawkins

Parks & Open Spaces Workmen


3rd from the left, front row, Fred Chinery, 4th from the left, front row is Jimmy Pearson, I don’t know anyone else in this picture


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  1. Gloria Gately says:

    Hi ,my dad worked for Camberwell Borough Council ,later Southwark ,from 1953 to his retirement in the 1970’s.

    Initially he was a caretaker on the Sydenham Hill estate ( opposite the recreation ground ).

    I’m sure he wasn’t a popular figure and won’t be remembered fondly . If anyone does remember him ,don’t worry about negative remarks – I’ll understand .

    He had his finger in many pies ,so someone might know him .

    He was short and bald and nearly always in bib and brace overalls ,sometimes the full overalls .The pocket of his overalls had the Camberwell Borough Council initials embroidered in red CBC. He used to tell us kids it stood for Curly Boy Childs .
    His name was Walter Childs .

    And I do miss him and wish he hadn’t died so soon after his retirement in his early 60’s .

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