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cbc 5 brenchley gardens 1

(Above) Garden Fete in Lucas Gardens in the early 1960s – back row – 2nd from left – Danny Neil -back row – 3rd from left – Fred Chinery (Parks Foreman)

(below) Famous Cowboy, Cal McCord, makes an appearance at a Lucas Gardens Fete in the 1960s, that’s me, John Chinery, standing with my Dad, waiting for Cal McCord’s autograph and an empty bullet case from his gunbelt.

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DSCF0018Lucas Gardens 1997

1960 b MASTER

(Above) Brenchley Gardens 1960 – L/R Ronnie Clive (Driver) Fred Chinery (Parks Foreman) George Moor & Harry Nockles (Parks Foreman)

family 46

(above )L/R – Fred Chinery, Jimmy Tuck & Alan Hawkins in Brenchley Gardens (1960s) incl the 3 photos below. Alan Hawkins joined the Tree Gang in the late 60s

family 48 family 49 family 47

Margate Works Outing 1960s

(below) L/R  Bill Neville (General Foreman) Fred Chinery (Parks Foreman) Harry Nockles (Parks Foreman) Alf Bull (Parks Foreman) not sure but think the gent on the end is John Bradbury

family 45 family 44 family 68

family 67

Council Work Gang

family 66 family 65

3rd & 4th from left (sitting) Fred Chinery & Jimmy Pearson

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