Heber Road & Thomas Calton School

Heber Road School

Mr Heaster (Heber Road School Headmaster in the 1950s/60s) with some of the pupils.  This photo was taken in the mid 1950s, Christine Davies top left corner.                            This photo is courtesy & copyright of Christine & John Davies  




I attended Heber Road Primary School from approx 1957 – 1963, My Brother Frederick Chinery is five years older than me and attended Heber Road approx 1952 – 1958, he is pictured below, 2nd from the right, next to the lady teacher, back row

freddy school photo adj 720 copy

John Jackson wrote : “I am in the first group photo in the back row, second in from the right. I doubt the bow tie was my idea. The teacher is Miss Robin who married a little after this photo was taken and then came Mrs Moth I believe. My best friend there was John Pitter who is on the other end of the middle row just in front of Miss Robin.
When I left Heber in 1959 I went to William Penn which I did not enjoy but managed to have a successful banking career in the city which was great fun as well.
My late wife trained as a nurse at Kings College Hospital.
I lived in Barry Road until 1957 then we moved to Sunray Avenue in North Dulwich.
I also went to Cubs at Heber, 8th Camberwell (1st Australian)” 


My brother Freddy is pictured in the middle of the above photo with the cheeky grin & glasses

My brother Freddy is pictured below in the classroom, front row, 2nd from the right

freddy heber road 2 MASTER

Below is a photo of my Dad, Frederick Chinery Snr at Heber Road School, back row, 2nd from the right, this photo was probably taken around 1934/35

dad at heber road MASTER




John Chinery approx. 6 years old

Heber Road School Report Below


Miss Dyson & Mr Heester’s Signature’s Below



Photo by kind permission of Pamela McNamara

The photo above was taken in the boys playground at Heber Road School between 1958 & 1961, the Science Lab on pillars to the right, the school to the left, and the houses at the back are situated in Heber Road. The copyright to this photo belongs to Pamela McNamara. Pam is the one far left at the front, kneeling. Pam recalls,

“I don’t remember much but Miss Bromley was lovely. And I remember Mr Ibbotson slippering the boys. I was always last in any sports as I was the smallest person in my year (probably in the whole school!!). I hated PE and sports and always tried to get out of them. I think I remember a shop called Bradshaws which was on Goodrich Road. I remember the two off licences opposite each other on Goodrich Road too – one run by Mr Cross and the other by Mr Evans. I was born in 1951 and started at Heber in 1956. I lived in Friern Road. I remember 2 boys in particular – Paul England and Peter Morris. I was friends with them. I remember that I was neither happy nor unhappy at the school. It was just school.

Many Thanks for your help Pam.

Heber Road Infants

Heber Road infants, newly created library in the hall

1958/59 was the year I started school

                                                          Photo by kind permission of Joan Umlandt

Heber Road infants, Joan Umlandt (nee Tarrant)

About 1958/59 – Miss Williams was the infant teacher

                                                                    Photo by kind permission of Joan Umlandt

Thomas Calton Secondary School – Adys Road 

Sandra Raines, Christine Davies, Mary Seal & Marlyn Bamton at Thomas Calton in 1961

(Photo courtesy & copyright of John Davies)

After me & my brother Freddy Chinery left Heber Road we both went to Thomas Calton Secondary School, there was two parts to this school one was in Adys Road and the other was in Choumert Road, Peckham




All the exterior photos of both schools were taken approx in 1998,


John Chinery in Thomas Calton Uniform, approx 1964,

Thomas Calton School Report Below


Taken outside our prefab in Upland Road, probably around 1965 ppl

L to R – Jim Davies, Micky Doyle, Terry Greenwood, Elaine Davies holding Timothy Moore on John Davies.
                                                              Photo courtesy & copyright of John Davies
Two photos you may find them interesting!

One is of 4 teachers, taken during my second year at TC (still at
Goodrich Road then). It was taken on a school trip to Windsor Castle.

L-R: Mr. Hilder (French) – Mavis Ireland (French) – Evan Jones (History)
– Douglas Hahn (Geography)

The other is the girls of Form 2S. It was taken on 2nd March 1959 by Bill Keenan (PE) in the playground at Goodrich Road.

Back row L-R: Carole Pamphlette – Anne Harding – Carol Kite – Linda
Kippen – Sandra Gapp – Christine Joslin – Christine Oates – Maureen Mulhall

Front row L-R: Brenda Arden – Jennifer Robson – Susan Keenan (half
standing) –  Joyce Gregory – Doris Verrico (half standing) – Carol Lee –
June Edwards – Linda Gregory (no relative)- Valerie Grossman (standing)
Photos courtesey of Joyce Hopewell
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141 Responses to Heber Road & Thomas Calton School

  1. Computedshorty says:

    I remember Fred at School he lived in Rodwell Road I think it was one of the three story houses with the basement down steps, was it him who cut the trees down for the home fire?

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi, Yeah, My Dad, Fred, lived at no 8 Rodwell Road, with his brothers Ronnie & Frank, I don’t know if he cut some trees down for the home fire, I will have to ask him, My Mum, Joan Stacey, also lived in Rodwell Road, when she left home her friend Joan Stringer took her in for a while until she married my Dad, then they lived at no 36 Rodwell Road, he is 85 years old now, My Mum unfortunately died when I was 15 years old, she was just 40, it’s great that you remember him.

  2. computedshorty says:

    Hi John,
    I ve posted this on Ed website but thought you might like it added here.

    Heber Road School has been our family local school, seven of us children attended from 1926 to 1951.
    My own started in 1936 as an infant, we did have a short sleep on the floor in the main hall spaced in rows with just a cover over us, I
    the low toilets and tiny chairs and tables, and the rows of hooks to hang up our coats.
    The science block building reminds me at a later date being taken to the top floor and the teacher told us we were going to learn about gravity we all looked out of the windows to see a feather and a ball dropped down, we learned that a solid item fell quicker than a light item, he said that if one of you fall out you will be classed as a solid item.
    That science block was built on brick piers that were bricked in during the war for us as to use as Air Raid Shelters.
    When the wall in Heber Road had a gateway built in it for the Taxi converted into a Fire Engine to stay in the playground the Firemen were housed in the upper rooms, after a fire the wet hoses were laid out in lines to dry, there were three Emergency brick Water tanks, on Bomb sites one just at the end of Jennings Road in Crystal Palace Road, one at the end of Milo Road in Beauval Road, and one behind my home in Landcroft Road, between Crystal Palace Road and Thompson Road.
    I remember the black German plane with white crosses on it shooting at us, I was in Jennings Road just outside the School Keeper Lodge, I was walking to school, I have a feeling it was after dinner.
    My time at school was a pleasant time although most of it was during the War, and teachers were called up for Service, and some of the children were evacuated, but most returned within a few weeks, so the classes were condensed to take in children of a more larger age group, we played cards with the teacher to pass the time in the Shelter, it was very dim so we could not have classes, one teacher had been in the army but was wounded, so became our teacher he taught us how to compile Ciphers a kind of code, I was quite good at it, you had to find a substitute for each letter the clues were that you found the five vowels ( the most used letters and the double used letters I/E oo ee ll ss mm nn ) , I had fun doing this, although my writing has never been very good, and was a mess using those wooden pens with a steel nib point that you dipped in the ink well at the top of the desk.
    There was a brick built Air Raid in Jennings Road with a concrete flat roof built on an open plot a few doors from the school, I never found out why as all the houses had Anderson Shelters or in door Morrison Shelters.
    I remember the houses in Rodwell Road most of my school chums lived in the houses between Syrena and Crystal Palace Road some had steps leading up. The other end was posh. I remember Freddy Stains he would be 81 now if he is still about.
    Dons Sweet shop there was a step down as you went in always full of kids who I don’t think had much money to spend or there was much to buy as sweets were rationed and not many available, we bought Zubes a kind of cough drop, or Galloway’s Cough.
    Mixture because it was sweet, or Ice lolly on a stick for a penny coloured but no taste, I think Don made them.
    Once the Water Board dug up the road and laid big Pipes about fifteen feet down, they might have been five feet inside, of course after school we ventured into the end but it was very dark and we got as far as the bend into Crystal Palace road and came back. There was the night Watchman. to dodge. He cleaned the paraffin lamps and filled them and trimmed the wick and stood them along the open trench that continued along Heber Road to Lordship Lane under the pavement out side the Dentist on the corner then crossed to Townley Road. Here on the corner was the building we got our Gas Masks I got a Mickey Mouse Type with a nose, my twin brother and sister got ones that they had to be laid inside and laced in then a pump had to be used all the time they were in there, Mum did not like to see the inside get misted up and could not see the babies. They were seven years younger than me so mum said I must put one of the babies in as she could not do two in an emergency then make sure I pumped al the time.
    I remember the Park Keepers one was my mates mum Mrs Sissens lived in Landcroft Road, they called her Sis. We all walked in file in pairs to the Dulwich Park to play our favourite game of Gusto with a foot ball but you used it as a hand ball, lots of rushing about and grazes and bumps we loved it. We were dismissed after in the park to make our own way home.

    I remember the Shows put on by Armature Actors in the Park on a stage built of Steel scaffolding tubes and Boards with a canopy hanging in the front and a curtain for the actors to change at the back. A small van with a Trumpet loudspeaker on its roof alongside the railings that held the audience who had pad a few pence to sit inside on a folding park seat that its legs soon sank into the grass and you fell off. There were more standing outside than those who paid to go in. Some of the singers got the Raspberry and soon got off stage, strange now to think that Anne Shelton lived a few hundred feet from the stage in Court Lane, singing for the Forces, we used to scrump her apples from her back garden backing onto the park.

  3. Maurice says:

    On the Photo from Pamela McNamara: Teacher is Miss Finlay who was thought to be carrying on with Mr Wood 🙂

    Boys Back Row from L 1?, 2. John Owen, 3?, 4. Chris Curtis, 5. Alan Norgrove, 6. Anthony O’Keefe, 7. Dennis Barton, 8? 9. Daniel O’Neil, 10. Jimmy Plant, 11. Keith Ford, 12, Paul Lavis, 13?

    Girls Middle Row from L. 1. Pamela, 2?, 3?, 4. Lindsey Given, 5. Sandra Waite, 6? 7. Eileen Ascombe, 11. Jennifer Pinder

    Front Row from L. 3. Alison Dewar, 4. Sandra ??, 5. Anita ?, 6. Victoria Freeborn (my wife) 7? 8?

    • John Chinery says:

      Many thanks for the info Maurice, much appreciated, interesting that one of the girls became your wife, best wishes, John

      • Vicki Rose says:

        Hi John reconised your name from long, long ago. Did you go to Thomas Calton School if so do you remember me Vicki Lester then Im sure I was in your class.

        • John Chinery says:

          Hi Vicki, How are you ? I did go to Thomas Calton School and definitely remember you, where have all those years gone ? Lovely to hear from you Vicki.

    • Ian Long says:

      Crikey , my mother (Joyce Long) was a hairdresser who used to cut Vicky’s mother’s and grandmother’s hair up at Mount Aiden Park . I used to go along sometimes – no child minder then – with a Classics Illustrated magazine or other comic book to keep me quiet . I think Vicky’s father was a bomber navigator during the war and knew Patrick Moore ( the astronomer ) at that time. I remember Vicky and her brother Paul who used to play the Trombone ?? He went to Dacres Road school . They had a boxer dog at the time which I was worried about but it was a lovely docile dog. Such a long time ago !

  4. Jennifer Arnold says:

    My twin sister Jackie and me went to Heber road infants and junior school from 1963-1968 we then moved away always remember Heber School as the best school ever would love to know if there are any reunions or if there are any photos to buy of the school.

    • Petula says:

      I remember you and your sister. I lived on Pellatt Road. My name was Petula (a coloured girl) what we were called at the time. One of you didnt like fish so I would sit next you at dinner times on a friday and eat the fish. I was in Mr Hatton’s class with Ansonia Adam, Amos, Elizabeth Bradnam, Kay Clough, Carol Faucher, Debra Langley and naughty boys domonic sparks, michael clar, eart frankson. Fitzroy Escoffery had posted lots of class photos on friends reunited. The dinner lady was called Mrs Spiller. Wonderful memories

      • David Robert Livett born April 16 1939 says:

        Hello Petula
        I went to HRS between 1946-50. in those days the dining room supervisor aided by one or two teachers did their best to make whatever you had on your plate compulsory to eat. I always used to sit next to a little fellow named David “Harcutt’ who did not eat meat; I swapped my peas and/or beans for his meat.
        There were some quite evil tasting concoctions as result of food shortages caused by the war that I could not cope with. Because of the compulsory eat everything on your plate and don’t move until you do so, I was sick into my dinner. On another day a dinner monitor carrying plates accidentally dropped hot custard down my neck- it burnt!

      • Jennifer medlin was Arnold says:

        I remember you and everyone you mentioned, I loved Heber and wish our parents had never moved away. Hope you are well xx

  5. pmarshall8@toucansurf.com says:

    Photo from Pamela McNamara:
    I was thrilled to see this photo. I am in the middle row with my hand in front of my face.
    I dont remember the teacher but I immediately knew some of the faces.
    Anthony OKeefe must have been outgoing as I remembered his name straight away. I think I remember him playing on the bomb site in Crystal Palace road with us.
    Lovely to see these old photos ….Pat Edwards (now Marshall)

    • Janet Allison says:

      Anthony O’Keefe was one a of large family of boys who lived somewhere at the top of Lordship Lane. Patrick was in my class. They were all very clever. I was at Heber Road from 1957 til 61 when I left to go to Honor Oak. I had Mrs Sanderson for the last 2 years and I was Alice in Alice in Wonderland play in 1961. I remember Mr White who taught us art, Mr Heaster used to teach us singing (hymns and traditional songs) in the hall each week. Lovely memories.

      • Max Grosse says:

        I was at Heber Road from 1957 to 1961 and also in Mrs Sanderson’s class. She was a very experienced teacher who also taught my Mum just before the war in Mina Road School.

        I remember you as Alice in Wonderland as I was the Dormouse. Other classmates I recall were Richard Wood, Pauline Randall, Patrick Helicar. It was a great school and got most of us through the 11 plus.
        Max Grosse

  6. John Reed says:

    Hi Peter, I saw your comments on heber road school I remember all the teachers you Mentioned. I went there from 1951 to 1957 they were happy days. I have told brother Bob about your message so maybe he will get in touch.all the best John.

  7. Peter Martin says:

    I went to Heber Road School in about 1960 to 1968, Mr Ozzie Reagan was my Teacher.

    I remember Mr Ibbotson, Mr Wood, Science & Miss Dyson. My school friends at the time was Bob Reed, Steven Voak & Ernie Bradman, I would love to here from them.

    Fantastic web site brings back so many memories

    I have just seen your comments John, I hope you are well and all your family, how are Dave and Bob ? would love to here from them and talk about old memories, we have a lot of those to talk about, I will look at this site more regular in future and will talk again soon, does Dunstans road ring any bells ?

    Hi Pat do you remember the Martins ? if so I am the youngest of four boys Vic, Mike, John, and me, Peter. I lived in 89 Ulverscroft road next to Bicknells Coal Merchants, my neighbours then were, the Jacksons, Brandsfield, Rogers and Sanderson also remember that Emsley Gardner and Downey lived there from 1954 to 1980.

    (In the Bicknells Coal Merchants Photo) I think the lady to the right, in the front next to Mrs Jackson is Maude Brandsfield, she lived at 87 Ulverscroft road next door to where I lived at 89, I’m sure she is holding my brother John Martin, great website thank you

    • Mr Reagan…sports teacher, who introduced me to all manner of sports…I .remember football in Dulwich park …pitch next to the bowls club wearing my sister’s hockey boots with laces wrapped around the sole and boot to hold it all together….and going to other schools to play a skittles game and cricket also in Dulwich park

      Playing cricket in the playground and climbing into the coal bunker area to retrieve the ball. Long time ago but brain still working

      Best wishes Graham Fitzpatrick

      • Paul Newman says:

        Graham, you have prompted a few memories,m particularly of pe with Mr Reagan. He coached the school football teams and took us to away matches, including in Kennington Park, which was Redgra (not grass) and in those days the leather studs (before moulded studs) wore down quickly on the grit making them lethal with exposed nails. Shin pads were a good idea.
        Amazing that the playground was a scene of some great pe and playtime games.

    • chris carter says:

      Hello Peter, I’m Chris Carter.I lived at number 10 Heber Road. Directly opposite the red double wooden fire gates.. I vividly remember Ernie Bradnam.I think he lived next door to the Heber Arms.I was also friends with Steven Voak.I seem to remember he lived on Lordship Lane and he possibly had a tortoise!! We would play together in his garden.Your name is very familiar. My family moved from Heber Road at the end of my Heber Road schooldays ,and before of starting Secondary school at William Penn. We relocated to Dagenham,Which was like moving out to the countryside…It’s good share some memories albeit, some are distant.

  8. stella says:

    Thank you for this site, so many memories. My sister Rosalie and my twin brothers Anthony and David all went to Heber. I am in the first group photo – fifth from the right in the front row sitting on the chairs. How I wish I had a copy of that!

    • John Chinery says:

      Glad you like the site Stella, it is a labour of love…… you are welcome to a copy of the photo, do you have any school photos & memories you would be willing to share on my site please ? if you have would you be able to upload them please, I am trying to build up a history of East Dulwich so any help is always much appreciated, best wishes, John

  9. Petula says:

    I went to Heber Road School and left at 68/69. I was in Mr Hattons class. He loved teaching us to sing, to a high level. He was very strict and would get really cross with the boys. Naughty boys were Dominic Sparkes, Euart Frankson and Michael Clark. The very good girls were Kim Prince, Kay Clough, Elizabeth Bradnam, Marlene Wilson, Ansonia Adams, surname Amos, Carol Faucher, I can go on and on. I Can still remember the girls names in the register that Mr Hatton demanded we all call out out surnames for register in quick succession I remember all the “very clever girls and boys” were in Miss Bromley or Miss Bakers class. Miss Graver, Mrs Spiller the dinner lady. Mr Heaster the headmaster and Mr Stephenson came later. Miss Wardley was the head dinner lady. We went to Sayers Croft for 2 weeks. It was a woodland site, with dormitories, may have been used during the war as a base. There were social workers there watching the mannerisms of our school with a posh school who were also there at the time, perhaps 10 dormitories housing 10 different schools for different areas. It was a fantatstic 2 weeks away. I particularly enjoyed the school dinners and on a Friday sitting next to the twins Jacqueline and Jackie, one of them didnt like the fish so I would eat it for her. I livsd on Pellatt Road, cyrena road ran adjacent and on the corner was the Robs shops. Went to Lordship Lane Baptist Church and also was part of the girls Brigade and marched through the area on the 1st sunday of the month. The browns lived oppposite the school. Remember playing “He” jumping on and off the bins. We had to play outside no matter what the weather, occasionally if it was really windy we could stay inside. The school hall for the juniors was upstairs. I could go on and on, Fond memories.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Petula, Thank you for your memories, I built this website to try and build up a picture of what East Dulwich and surrounding areas were like back then, would appreciate any help if you have any school photos or photos of East Dulwich that you are willing to share on this site, Best Wishes, John

    • Richard Cook says:

      Petula, I was at Heber from ’68 to ’71. Mr. Heaster had retired by then and Mr. Stevens was our headmaster. I attended Goodrich Road Infants before that and Wilson’s Grammar afterwards.

      Interesting picture showing the science block. No one believes me these days when I say that there was a second building. I had some lessons in there with Mr. Webb. 🙂

      • Jim Mason says:

        Indeed there was. Science lab, Mr Wood the teacher? I seem to recall an art/pottery area on the top floor. Used to make small clay pellets and throw them out the window when the teacher was out the classroom. Was the art teacher Denis Short? Ginger beard? Or am I imagining that?

    • graham says:

      wonder if you remember marching behind my sister Julie Fitzpatrick as she was drum major of the brigade ??


      • Janet Allison says:

        I was in Julie’s class. Her dad was a taxi driver and her birthday was around 12 April I think! I went to her house to play I remember.

    • Margaret says:

      Hello Petula,

      I remember you and most of the people you mentioned. My name was Margaret Salter. I was in Miss Bromley’s class and then Mrs Baker’s. I remember with Sarah Morgan, Suzanne Roll, Sylvia Mayes, Janet Muir, Sandra Noakes, Barbara Burton, Alex Skinner, Martin Harris, Maurice Carr,Michael Stephenson, to name but a few. About 15 years ago Sylvia arranged a reunion which was very enjoyable. Shame Friendsreunited is gone with the photos of around our time.

      I went to Goodrich infants, then on to Heber.

      • Sylvia Mayes says:

        Hi Margaret
        So lovely to find you on here. I have so many fond memories of everyone at Heber Road School with perhaps the exception of Mr Hatton who would throw the blackboard rubber!
        Sayers Croft was an amazing time. For some of us the first time away from our family and it seemed so far away although I later found out it was only a few miles away, nestled in the Surrey countryside!
        The class reunion was great and would love to do it again sometime although trying to find everyone without friends reunited will be difficult.
        Hope you are keeping well. x

    • Paul Newman says:

      Is that the same Mr Hatton who sang at the Coronation?

  10. Barbara Stogdon says:

    Hi , my name was Barbara Moore my sister Janet Moore. We both went to Thomas Calton . We lived Bew Court Lordship Lane. We left the School because our parents wanted to start a new life in Crawley New Town which seemed to us then like going to a far away place. I think it was 1961. I remember how strict it was for us having our beret fixed properly on our heads, being checked before we went through the gate. There was a woman called Dr Barbara Moore who walked the length of the Country. It caused the teachers to have great fun at my expense by making me stand up in class and tell anyone that entered the classroom my name. I also have School reports which I will sort out.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Barbara, Thank you for getting in touch, nice memories, if you or your Sister have any school photos of your time at Thomas Calton, Photos of East Dulwich and any memories that you are willing to share on my website that would be fantastic, just trying to build up a history of how East Dulwich and surrounding areas used to be years ago, any help you can give would be much appreciated, Best Wishes, John

  11. David Robert Livett born April 16 1939 says:

    I attended Heber Road School from 1946-1950 Miss A M Prior was headmistress Miss Cranbrook was dining hall supervisor other teachers were messrs Burnham, Bamsey, Phillips, Musgrave and the science teacher Funnell. Miss Knight is the only female teacher I can remember. I attended Thomas Calton Secondary Central School from 1950-1955 which was then was situated in Goodrich Road East Dulwich between Dunstan and Upland Roads.in my first year 1950/51 it was known as Dulwich Secondary Central. Miss D. A. Salisbury was principal -male teachers Leahy, Brewer, Talbot, Kirk Clarke. female Lynch, Bishop Mason-many teachers were only there for a year or so. I look back with pride and satisfaction at both of these schools. I was conscripted from 1959-61, emigrated to NZ in 1963, came to Australia in 1972 and am now a 77 year old grandfather.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi David, Many thanks for getting in touch and sharing your memories on my site, much appreciated, its always great to have new information, if you have any photos of your schooldays at Heber Road or your time in East Dulwich + any other memories that you would be willing to share on my website that would be great, just trying to gradually build up a history of East Dulwich, Heber Road & Thomas Calton School plus surrounding areas for anyone that is interested. Kind Regards, John

    • Peter Barnes says:

      I remember Miss Cranbrook, she seemed 90 years old and would march up and down the dinner tables making sure we ate everything.
      I remember the Headmistress Miss Salisbury.

    • Frederick Alley says:

      My name is Fred Alley, I went to Heber Road School at about that time, I was born in 1939, I recall some of the teachers you name. My brother Wally, six years older than me, also went to Heber Road School and we both went to Thomas Carlton in Goodrich Road. In another post mention is made of a man tending the oil lamps at roadworks and sitting in a tent all night, that could well have been my grandfather, another Walter Alley. We lived at 244 Crystal Palace Road, where I was born, and three years later moved to 254 Crystal Palace Road which is on the corner of Heber Road, our garden wall was adjoining the awful boys playground toilets. In our “garden” a builder WGSmith ran his business. My pals at that time was Wally Lockey, Pete Trussler, Bob White, Dave Trodd and many others. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and cousins all lived within half a mile of each other. That’s not the case these days. I now live in East Grinstead.

    • Michael Dillon says:

      Hello David

      I am Michael Dillon I was at Thomas Calton school at the same time as you when Miss Salisbury was the headmistress. Other teachers I remember Miss Lynch was my form teacher. Also remember Mr Leahy and Miss Bishop.
      I am know a retired Great Grandfather age 79. Livet at Coxheath Kent. England.

      Would be pleased to hear from you.

      Email Address: dillonmichael007@gmail.com

      • Dave(Scotty) Kane says:

        Hi Michael, I left the old Goodrich Road in 1950. John Leahy taught us Geography and ran the football team of which I was a part. Tony Dew was our left winger and we both played for South London Schoolboys then for Hamlet Juniors. I didn’t make the first XI but Tony was a regular for a good few years. Our form teacher was Miss Corbett and she taught English. Our maths teacher was Mr Stevens(Charlie) and he was fond of throwing chalk at anyone not paying attention. Great school great days. I lived in Beauval Road until we moved to Tulse Hill, but I still went to Goodrich.

    • David, I attended Heber Road until 1951. I went to Thomas Calton in Goodridge Road from 1954 until 1956. I remember Miss Salisbury, especially since a couple of my girl friends and myself through some water down in the playground and one of the teachers slipped over. I remember Mr. Funnell our science teacher doing a chemistry thing with some glass tubes. If I remember rightly Miss Lynch was our English teacher. She was very strict and threw chalk at anyone who spoke in class, especially aiming at the boys. Who was our music teacher. I remember that he wore thick horn rimmed glasses and played The Black and white rag on the piano one afternoon. I never forgot that. I cannot remember the maths teacher, excepting that he was very kind.

  12. David Robert Livett born April 16 1939 says:

    John. Since I connected with your websites I have the satisfaction of knowing that at least one of the institutions I attended before I emigrated, still exists, Heber Road School. My church, Thos Calton School, my home at 245 Underhill Road, my place of work all either gone or totally unrecognizable.
    In 2005 accompanied by my wife and daughter I walked past what had been Thos Calton School in Goodrich Road and by remarkable coincidence the date was 22 July, exactly 50 years since I left it.
    John C, I was interested in you saying you lived in one of those prefabs in Underhill Road. I must have walked passed whatever replaced them but I can’t picture it. there were buses going along Underhill Road in my day, but only at the top end as it leads into Lordship lane. The No 63 was extended to Crystal Palace taking the place of the discontinued rail line. By the way, stand at the corner of Upland and Underhill and face all four directions, whichever way you walk will lead you to Lordship Lane, either through Whatley or North Cross Upland or Underhill. Regards Dave L.

    • John Chinery says:

      Thank you so much David for all your fantastic memories, if you have any photos of your time in East Dulwich it would be great to have them on here. I lived in the Prefabs by the crossroad of Friern Road/Underhill Road, the Prefabs where I lived have now been replaced by an Elderly Peoples Home, the Buses run the whole length of Underhill Road now, but they didn’t when I was growing up. There are 2 Prefabs still standing in Underhill Road directly opposite where our Prefab once stood. The Corner Sweet Shop on the corner of Upland Road has been turned into a house. Banfield’s Wood Yard in Underhill Road/Barry Road has been replaced with houses. S.G Smith Petrol Garage/Car Showroom opposite the wood yard has been replaced by luxury flats priced at around £800,000, they don’t look right, they look out of place. Thanks again David, Best Wishes, John

    • Nicole says:

      Hi David. Dave Larence’s daughter Yvonne, would love to get in touch with you. Her email address is y.larence@parkerscleaningcontractors.co.uk.

  13. Tommy Mooney says:

    Any one remember Wm. Penn School and a teacher there called Mr Martin ?

    • Mike Martin says:

      I remember ‘mini Martin probably because my name was mike Martin and I was stuck with the nickname mini for many years also there was mr Ballesteros or something similar Harris, hocking, mr Elia the gym teacher

      • Paul Newman says:

        Mr Elia wrote a book called ‘Bench Weight Training’, still in use in PE Colleges years after I left William Penn.

  14. billy dodd says:

    I went to William Penn from 1953 to 1954. My family went home to Northern Ireland and never told the school I was leaving. Do you remember when in the warm weather the tar on the roof melted and dripped into a bucket in the gym. I remember Teachers Mr Davis, Mr Asher and a P.E Teacher called Harris, a wrestler and a bully. Where was the school situated in Peckham ?

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Billy, The information you wanted regarding where William Penn School was situated, it was situated more in Dulwich than Peckham.

      Their is a William Penn School website you can add your name to if you are interested.

      Did you used to attend William Penn School and would you like to get in touch with your old School, College or University friends, to catch up on old times or to arrange a school reunion ? then why not add your contact details to the William Penn School contact area, or if your connected with William Penn School then why not use the message board to post any information, relating to any new school events such as car boot sales, parents nights or school open days etc.

      Add yourself to William Penn School: http://www.myhometown-schools.co.uk/school_members.aspx?schoolid=52500
      hope this helps:

      William Penn School
      Red Post Hill
      SE24 9JH

  15. Jean Rossi says:

    Hi John. Amazed to see your memories of Heber and T Calton just by chance. I hope you remember me I sure remember you as the cheeky little boy next door. My name then was Jean Smith and we lived at 200 Underhill Road the prefab next to yours. Mr and Mrs Burns and Mr and Mrs Moy were in our alley too. My sister Pat once saw you years ago and said you were moving to the south coast I think.. I remember you once baby sat for Simon when he was tiny…….he is 50 next year! I think Freddy was in the year below me at both schools. Hope all is well with you and your family. Well done for starting this up it’s so great to hear from you and about all the old streets and names of teachers etc. All good wishes Jean ..xxx

    • Jacqui Triming (Millard) says:

      Such a good website am catching up with news from my old schooldays.I did send some photos to you John Chinery some time back,I also lived in the prefabs but in Upland Road,Jean and Pat Smith lived at the back of my auntie Flo Parker and my cousins Billy and Bobby Parker who lived in Upland Road.Have just found photos of my old friend Christine Davis who was bridesmaid at my wedding.hopefully i can get in touch with her or her brother.

    • Richard Beadle says:

      Hello Jean, I think you must be the (ex) wife of Francis Rossi of Status Quo. I had a Jean Smith in my class at Thomas Calton (2B with Mr. Robinson) in the late 50’s early 60’s – is that you?

  16. Pat marshall was Smith says:

    Hello Johnny,
    Wow blast from the past or what. Just spoke to Jean about your recent communication with her. So thrilled that you and she have made contact.
    Perhaps you could e mail me.

  17. John Davies. says:

    My family lived in the prefabs up the alley in Upland Road, the Greenwoods and the Parkers lived behind us and backed onto the prefabs up the alley in Underhill Road.
    My sisters Christine and Elaine, and my brother Jimmy and I all went to Heber Infants and Juniors, and then on to Thomas Calton. Thomas Calton was closed for a time a bit after I left which was in 1977. Its amazing we all look back at our time in the prefabs fondly, even though they were freezing in the winter, and like a sweat box in the summer. We used to get frost on the insides of the bedroom windows all winter, and used to cover our beds with coats. But they were happy days

    • John Davies. says:

      I have just looked at another section of this great post, and theres a photo of me and my friend and neighbour Jane Reid (was Coleman). It all comes flooding back.

      • Daphne Faucher says:

        Hi John, I was looking for something else and came across this site. My name is Daphne Faucher and if you’re the same John Davies we were in the same class together at Heber. I remember names like Nicolette Gordon, Christopher Denny (I think) and Sandra Rothon. Mr Hester was before my time but I remember Miss Dyson and the song we used to sing about Miss Spiller!

        • John Davies says:

          Hello Daphne,
          I do remember you, Sandra and Christopher.
          Do you remember Ryzard Durka, Brian Carr and Kevin Laycock? they used to sit along side of me.
          I still see Jackie Bennett as i am good friends with her husband. Mr Hatton was one of the teachers i remember.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi John, I knew your brother Jimmy very well and Flo, Joe, Billy & Bobby Parker & Roy, Sylv, Terry & Tony Greenwood. I lived in one of Prefabs up the alley at 198 Underhill Road, my name is John Chinery, its always great to hear from ex neighbours and their memories, if you or any of your family have anymore memories or any Prefab Photos or Street photos that you would be willing to share on this site that would be great. Best Wishes, John Chinery

    • Jacqui Triming (Millard) says:

      Hello John ,now December 2017 so you may not read this,you wont remember me but Christine will she was my bridesmaid at my wedding,we also lived in prefabs next door to you number 132 at the front,Flo Parker was my auntie ,my sister Sandra now deceased ,stayed in Dulwich, Alan my brother and my mum and dad followed us to Australia,Alan and I live near each other and see each other often.Hoping to hear from Christine and I am still in contact with Simone Rogers as she was before marriage Jimmy will remember her Christine will.Yes happy days,with fond memories.

      • John Davies says:

        Hello Jacqui,
        I mentioned you to Christine and she said she remembers and has fond memories of you.
        Christine would love to get in contact with you, let me know how and i will give her the details, she’s not on the internet, but her 3 boys are and they all live in Eltham, so it shouldn’t be difficult. We all loved living in the Prefabs.
        Good luck
        John Davies

      • John Davies says:

        Hello Jacqui,
        I have asked John to pass on my email address to you. Christine would love to hear from you.

  18. John Davies. says:

    Hi John,
    I recognise your name and i’ll remember you to Jim. Terry and Tony were good mates when we were very young. I’ll ask my sisters if they have any old photos.

    • John Chinery says:

      Thank you John, glad you like the site, any help you can give would be fantastic, any other Memories & Photos you or your Family could add of what it was like to Grow up, go to School, go to Work, Shops, Life in General, Prefab photos, School Photos, Snow in 1963, Street Scenes in East Dulwich, any help is much appreciated, just trying to build up a history for anyone that is interested and with the help from anyone that can add any new content. Thank you once again John, Best Wishes to you and your Family

      • John Davies says:

        Hi John,
        I have found a photo that i want to upload here, how do you go about it ?
        John Davies

        • John Chinery says:

          Hi John, That will be great, any photos/memories you can add is a great help, you can only upload photos at the moment to photo gallery 2, I have sent you an email and if you wish to attach the photo to an email to me I can do it for you, Best Wishes, John Chinery

          • John Davies says:

            Hi John,
            I hope you are well.
            Just to let you know, your book has been mentioned several times on FB (we grew up in East Dulwich) page, people are asking how can they get a copy.

  19. Eva Daley nee Ivy Cassar says:

    hi john I remember you very well from Thomas Carlton you was in my class my name is Ivy daley was known then as Ivy Cassar I lived in Darrell road east dulwich I married Paul Daley in 1974 he went to William Penn I don’t know if you remember my friend Christine Day she was in our class I can also remember Paul flannery Bob beazleigh Tony walker Barry Cell Terry Walker and a few more.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Ivy, I remember you very well too Ivy and Christine Day & all the others you mention, Paul Flannery sadly died a few years ago, Bob Beazleigh married his childhood sweetheart Hazel but is now divorced. Thanks for getting in touch, Hope you are keeping well, if you have any photos & memories you can add to my site that would be great. Best Wishes, John Chinery

    • Malcolm Beck says:

      Hi Eva did you have a brother called Phil Cassar?

  20. Heather hicks says:

    My name was Heather French.
    I lived in Lordship Lane and attended Heber Road School from 1958 until 1962.
    I was in Miss Bakers class and I also remember Miss Jones and Miss Parry.
    I think they were infant school teachers. In the juniors I was in Mrs Hickmans class. She was very strict. I remember Mr Hatton and also Mr Heester very well. He took us for hymn practice on Friday morning and I used to sing my heart out. Hills of the north was my favourite. I remember Jimmy Davies who was in my class and also Jean Smith. Did you live in a prefab in Lordship Lane for a while Jean? Other names that I recall were Jackie Slater, Brenda Christie, Pamella Murrell, Kay Brooks, Jean Ball, Tina Penfold, a Greek girl called Panyiotta, Junior Thompson and Barry Carr and Nigel Cocking.
    There was a sweet shop in Crystal Palace Road called Dandy’s where you could buy liquorice root and tiger nuts in a little cardboard box. I remember the dinner lady Mrs spiller. At lunch time if you needed the loo and wanted some loo roll you had to find “cookie” who patrolled the playgrounds with a toilet roll in hand and would tear you off a few sheets. It was like grease proof paper and had “now wash your hands please ” printed on it. Even worse was that once you got into the loo it was full of kids running in and out playing kiss chase!

  21. Edwina Mustill says:

    Hi John, i remember you from Thomas Calton, i am Eddie Mustill but, back then Eddie Cross. I found your site while looking for info on the school and saw your name.
    I am in Australia now.
    I hope you are well.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Eddie, Lovely to hear from you, I remember you very well too, I knew you as Edwina then, hope you are well and enjoying life in Australia. Do you have any school photos & memories you would be willing to share and could add to this site, any help you can give would be great, just trying to build up a history, thanks for getting in touch, best wishes, John

    • vic H says:

      Hi were you Edwina Cross
      If so I remember you

  22. Terry' Connor says:

    Hi Freddy, do you remember me, not only did we both go to Heber &Thomas Calton, we both ended up working for Southwark Council and to cap it all I worked with your Dad. In the cemetery

  23. Joyce Hopewell says:

    What memories! Did you have an older brother called Derek? I seem to recall the name Derek Chinery. I was at Thomas Calton 1957 – 1964. I was then Joyce Gregory, now Joyce Hopewell. I was deputy head girl and Jennifer Robson was head girl. Seeing your report for 1D in 1964 I recognise several of the teacher’s initials and the signature of Stuart Foster who was your form teacher. I was in the 6th form before leaving in 1964. Edward Potter was headmaster, Tom Davies deputy head and Dolly Peacock was the art teacher. Mrs Butterfield worked in the office and Mrs Barnett taught domestic science. Your French teacher was Mr To Ryan. I recognised his initials. Heaps more memories are surfacing! Hope to hear from you.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Joyce,
      Thank you for getting in touch, it is always great to have other people’s memories, if you have any photos of your time at Thomas Calton or of the area it would be great to have them on the website along with any other memories you have, if you are willing to share them. Did your Dad have a Butchers shop in the Old Kent Road ? Don’t think Derek Chinery is related to me, unless he is a relative I have never met.

      I am trying to build up a history of East Dulwich, surrounding areas, schools & shops for anyone that is interested before all of this information is lost, any help you can give will be great.

      Best Wishes

    • Michael Mills says:

      Hi Joyce, I see that you went to Thomas Calton between 1957 and 1964. I wonder whether you remember 3 of my friends who were at the school during those years? They were: Vivien Jones and Sheila and Mile Bratusz (sisters with a Polish dad). Vivien was a younger sister of Sheila Jones (one of the Kaye sisters).

      All the very best.

      Mick Mills

      • E. Valentine Smith says:

        Hi Heather, I went to Heber Rd, between 60/62 and lived in Thompson Rd and then 100 Landcroft Rd. I used to “play out” with Linda Humphreys but I can’t remember if she went to Heber. I stood out coz I was the only Jamaican in my class. I remember Miss Batchelor and the names, Murrell & Penfold ring a bell.
        I left to go to Peckham Rye because we moved to Nunhead, in ’63 where we bought our house. I made some real friends there, Johnny Matthews, George Harris, Stephen Bundock, Marion Sage, Susan Causer, Jackie Harriott and Tish Bishop! I remmember completing my Tables before I left and also winning National School’s Essay prize writing about our School Journey to St Audrey’s Bay, Somerset…I still didn’t get into Wilson’s, like Johnny & George! The blessing though was that I was able to spend another 5 to 6 years with Tish, Jackie, Marion & Sue at Thomas Calton!
        Firstly, thanks to the wonderful(but fearsome) Miss Waite(Head of Lower school), who called me out in front of her Maths class and told everybody “this is how I want you to dress!” Ye-hey! This skinny black kid, an example??? Oh yes, appointed… Librarian, Form Captain(Form 2:3) Prefect(3:2) then(4:1 to 6th)
        Thanks Joyce (Hopewell) for reminding me of my best teacher “EVER”…Under Milk Wood(Organ Morgan, No-good Boyo et al) the scary – Lord of the Flies, Androcles and the Lion and my favourite the History of Mr Polly…Not forgetting Miss Ireland, the cold authority of Mr Davis, the quirky Mynott and enthusiastic Keenan. Great days, I never wanted to leave! Where are you now dearest Tish Bish?(SECRET! I once rescued this beautiful Princess, from the dragon, when I played St. George at Peckham Rye Primary! How’s sister Jackie?) lady Juanita Walker, lovely Eileen Chung, the untouchable Bernice Lord! Sweetie Angela Allan, Edna Deslands(still fast! How’s Lloydie?)Marcia Beckford(still fast? He,he…) Oh boy, where are you lady Marion Sage AND Susie C? Miss Pinder & Persaud… too, too long! When is the next get-together guys???
        Great days indeed, thanks for the memories. Valentine(Smith)

    • Carol Starr says:

      Hi Joyce,

      My sister found this site when she was researching for the family tree she is compiling and sent the link to me when she saw the article about Thomas Carlton school which we both attended. My name was Carol Kite, now Starr and I am in the photo with you and all the other girls in 2S. I remember all the girls in the photo including you. I am still in touch with Vivian Saggers we have stayed friends all these years. Her name is now Bland although sadly she lost her husband last year. Don’t know where all the years have gone, I have been married for 55 years and Vivian was one of my bridesmaids. Do you remember Linda Linsell, she was in the same year as us but in a different class?

      I now live in a village near Eastbourne called East Dean and so does she. Couldn’t believe it when I found out she lives here too. Small world!!!

      Anyway hope you are well,

      Best wishes, Carol Starr nee Kite.

  24. Joyce Hopewell says:

    Hi John,
    You’re spot on there with my dad! He was manager of the RACS (Co-op) butcher’s shop in Old Kent Road. I remember 2 pubs in Old Kent Road – the Frog and Nightgown and the World turned Upside down. Are they still there? I’ve no family left now in London so don’t visit that often. Do you still live locally? I’ve lived in Cheshire since 1968.

    A few more memories of the Choumert Road area: the market, without a doubt. Endlessly interesting! All those stalls. Across Rye Lane and down a side street opposite Choumert Road was Reed’s music shop selling records. A good place to hang out on Saturdays especially if you had enough money to buy a single. Jones and Higgins was always a favourite to visit on Saturdays. I loved going in that shop, gather it’s no more now. Sad. I probably wouldn’t recognise many shops in Rye Lane now. Always liked Mindell’s which sold tops and blouses. Seem to remember it was situated on a corner? Hinds the jewellers was where the gold signet ring I was given for my 7th birthday came from. And Pecry’s shop selling all manner of things/clothes had an open frontage, freezing in that shop in winter! I had a Saturday job at C&A, the one on the same side of Rye Lane as the station.

    More on Thomas Calton – remember Miss Heaton, senior mistress? Ted Davis, senior master? Mr Jameson who taught RE? Bill Keenan taught boy’s PE and sometimes gave the slipper to those who misbehaved. Win Ham taught girl’s PE and was a real dragon. We went to Homestall Road for field sports activities like games and athletics. Mavis Ireland taught French to lower years and was a lovely teacher. Tom Gibson taught English and was one of the best teachers I ever had, along with Tom Davies who taught French to upper years.

    I could go on! Will look for photos. I do have them. Somewhere….!

    Best wishes, Joyce

  25. Sandy Vincent. Nee Sandra Johnson says:

    Such memories. I came across this site after a Google search because I had been looking at a Bible which I won as a Prize at school, inside the cover is a label “The Secondary School for Girls” Peckham Rye, Dulwich SE22. My prize was for
    Scripture Form 3T. I am one of three girls who all went to Herber Road and then Friern when it was on Peckham Rye. I remember a fire at the school in the school holidays and the smell was horrible and lingered when we all went back at the start of a new term.
    At some point but I can’t remember too clearly the school moved to the bottom of Dunstans Road and Goodrich Road, that had I seem to recall been Thomas Carlton School for boys. My early childhood memories are living in a prefab 144 Lordship Lane, we lived next door to the Delaselle family there was Yvonne who was the same age as us, her mother was Rene (?) my family were friendly with the Jacksons until we moved to Dunstans Road. My aunt and family Vi Reid and two children John and Jennifer live just down from us. We spent many hours playing on what was a bomb site at the back of our garden. I have very few photos but somewhere I have school reports, and relived some of my memories thru your photos. I clearly remember playing rounders in the playground at Heber Road, I never liked PE but like rounders and Netball. There was the domestic science block, why I remember that I don’t know, did we walk from Friern Road school when it was at the bottom of Dunstans Road. I remember Carol Gregory I have a photo of myself with Carol and another girl whose name I can’t remember. My sister and I were friendly with Pam and Valerie Shaw.
    Such fabulous building these two schools are. I forgot to say I was one of three daughters of the Johnson family the eldest being my sister Diane, Linda then myself Sandra. All living outside London now and have done since 1968 when I married at
    ST Peters Church, and the houses in Dunstans Road were compulsory purchased and and pulled down. My parents moved to Andover. I came back some years ago, to see flats now built on my bomb site that I played on but surprised to see the Mansions still standing. It was lovely to drive around the area, including Dog Kennel Hill and the route the 185 Bus I used to get to work.

  26. Sandy Vincent. Nee Sandra Johnso says:

    Ps. I am now wondering if Carol Gregory in my memory could have been Joyce Gregory? AS the girl I was friendly with was Deputy Headgirl? The girl whose name I can’t remember I have a photo of us together she wore what I can best describe as Marjorie Proop glasses.

  27. Mavis Jacobs says:

    Rather surprised to see myself in the photograph at Windsor Castle! I am Mavis Ireland–now Jacobs– and at 81years old looking a little different!
    John Hilder did not teach French, but Art. Douglas Hahn had just come down from St. Edmund’s Hall (Teddy Hall) Oxford and found Peckham a bit of a cultural shock at first. I think he got over it! Sadly, I believe that Evan Jones died in a road accident some years ago. He had several accidents and had messed up knees from pranging an aircraft during the war. I remember him giving me a lift home to Upper Norwood when the school closed early because of fog. He drove at a snail’s pace and I had the passenger door partly open to tell him where the kerb was!

    • Maureen whittenham says:

      Hi, My name was Maureen Willis at Thomas Calton, Adys Road from 1966 to 1972. You were my year teacher. I have a sister Valerie and brother Michael. My first English teacher was Mr Griffiths. Mr Rankin taught history and Mr Mynott taught maths which I was not very good at. I left London in 1981 for work where I married. My first two children Shona and Graham were born in Winchester. We now live in the Highlands near Inverness. Our third child was born in Dingwall 1989. We have 5 grandchildren. I hope you are well.

  28. robert walsh says:

    Robert Walsh B: 1956

    Hello, I went to Heber Road School in 1963, I was the only kid who had one false eye, sadly I did not stay there too long, my parents being Irish Catholics moved us to St Anthonys RC on Barry Road, I lived at 35 Woodvale at the time, I also went to Thomas Calton, upper & lower schools, Happy memories of it all, I live in Southwold, Suffolk now.

    Thanks for the memories John, best wishes & peace.

  29. Malcolm Beck says:

    Hi John
    I dont know if you remember me Malcolm Beck I was best mates with Micky Doyle we used to knock around with Ronnie Elston. My Granddad had a sweet shop in Upland Road called Chappell’s next to the Alley way to the Police flats and next to the Church on the corner of Barry Road. I lived at 73 Upland Road. I went to St Johns and St Clements School and then to William Penn. I went to Heber School for Cubs then Scouts 8th Camberwell Cromwells. So many good memories of those days. I hope you are keeping well Best Regards Malc

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Malcolm, I can’t say I remember you at the moment, I’m sure I will though, I definiteley remember Mickey Doyle & Ronnie Elston.

      Thanks for getting in touch Malc, if you have any photos of Upland Road,your Grandads Sweet Shop, Heber Road School or any others plus any memories it would be great to have them on my website.

      Thank you for the good wishes Malcolm, hope you are keeping well too.

      Best Wishes

    • John Davies says:

      Hello Malcolm,
      If you scroll back up, you will see a photo of Micky Doyle and my brother Jimmy outside our Prefab in Upland Road.
      John Davies

      • Malcolm Beck says:

        Thanks John yes I saw that picture. So sad Micky died so young!
        Is his older brother Jack still around?

        • John Davies says:

          Hello Malcolm,
          I don’t know, i moved out to Eltham in the early 80’s and i hadn’t seen him for a few years before i moved.

  30. Michael Dillon says:

    Attended Thomas Calton secondary central school in Goodrich Road from 1950 to 1955
    When Miss Salisbury was head teacher. My form teacher was Miss Lynch.
    I am writing a book about my childhood years and of course my schooldays will feature in it.

  31. Philip Allen says:

    Fasinating reading all these blasts from the past. It is not until one enters old age that one realises how important the early years were. Regrettably I cannot contribute much other than facts. I lived in a prefab in Grove Lane, Camberwell, went to Dog Kennel Hill Primary School and then to Thomas Carlton, Goodrich Road in 1954, leaving in December 1959 to join the Royal Navy. My brother went to William Penn. I was given bus money to catch the 185(?) along Lordship Lane to TC school but ran and bought sweets instead! Sold programmes at Dulwich Hamlet FC and did a paper round from Denmark Hill, WH Smiths where I delivered papers to Freddie Mills (World Champion Boxer) and Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson (Famous Duo). Our prefab was demolished in 1960 and family rehoused at Downham, Bromley. One of my chums lived in the prefabs at the top of Friern/Underhill Road, he captained South London schoolboys soccer team and was signed up by Chelsea when he left TC. I could go on!

  32. Dave(Scotty) Kane says:

    Can any tell me when did Goodrich Road Comprehensive become Thomas Calton please.

  33. Dave(Scotty) Kane says:

    Hi John a great site and thank you for all the memories your bringing back. I went to the old Goodrich Road which was then called a comprehensive. I left in 1950 and had many happy days there. I had a few school photos which were lost many years ago when I moved. I now live on Isle of Wight – a lovely place.
    Best Regards

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Dave, Many thanks for your kind comments, glad you like the site, thank you for adding your memories and helping to build a history of how life was in East Dulwich & surrounding areas, much appreciated.
      Kind regards

  34. Janet shine says:

    My name is Janet Tandy, the Tandys lived in Dunstans road, opposite the mansions, my dad (wally) and his brothers Jim and jack went to Heber, and I went to Goodrich then on to heber in the 50s. I can’t say I have good memories of the place though.
    I remember the fancy dress party at Christmas, and also having to ask for a loo roll when you went to the toilets!
    I also thinks about the creamy milk we were given, along with a teaspoon of malt and a cod liver oil tablet. I recall walking home all on my own through all the thick fog, I could only have been about 7. Everything was safe and innocent then.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Janet, Many thanks for your memories, takes you back to better times, I remember walking home from Heber Road School to my Nans in Whatlety Road in the thick smog…..if you have any more memories Janet and any photos you would be willing to share and add to my site that would be great. Any help is much appreciated. Best wishes, John

  35. Janet shine says:

    No problem, I will have a think. The reason I decided to have a look at the old school online, was because over the weekend I went for a drink in a little pub in Suffolk, and got chatting to a chap who amazingly went To Heber in the fifties and we were racking our brains about the teachers names, but looking at you lovely website I remember mr Heaster and Mrs Sanderson. . What a small world. I have put a little bit on one of your other threads about Dawson hill memories. I will be in touch. I also plan to get in touch with my cousin Stephen Clark who has a much better memory than me!
    Many thanks.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Janet, Glad you like the website, love your memories of Dawsons Hill, we all used to play up there a lot, I remember me and some of my friends bobsleighed down Dawsons Hill on a sheet of corrugated iron, we ended up in a load of stinging nettles, Many thanks again for your help Janet, really appreciate it, our memories are so important. Best wishes, John

  36. Steve Clark says:

    I’m Steve Clark, I was a pupil at Heber Road Junior school from about 1959/60 to 1963/64. I remember lots of the teachers and classmates’ names: Form Teachers, in my case, were Miss Greening, Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Sanderson. I also remember Mr. Hatton, Mr. Ibbotson, Mr. Reagan, Miss Batchell, Miss Bromley and the head, Mr. Heester. My classmates included Timothy Almond, Andrew Kitchen, my cousin Janet Tandy, Clive Warwick, Christopher James, Richard Fielder, Nicola Browne, Ann McMullon, Gail Playfair, Yvonne Norton, Yvonne Fuller, Christopher James, John Bethell, Philip Owen, Christopher Hugo, Penelope Robinson, Peter King, Christine Davies, Patrick Gallagher (sadly, recently deceased), Kenneth Chappell, and Kenneth Carlisle. Probably I have missed a few, or spelled one or two names incorrectly.

    House colours were red (Rodwell), blue (Goodrich), yellow (Jennings and green (but I can’t recall for certain what the name of that house was). All the houses were named after local roads, so Heber might have been the missing house name, as the names of other local roads don’t ring any bells, but I just can’t remember.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Steve, Many thanks for uploading your memories.

      Best wishes

    • Linda Pardoe says:

      Hi Steve,
      I’m Linda Pardoe and was in the same class as you. I can remember quite a few names from your list and add some more, Julia Bowers, Marion Kemp, Geraldine Cocking and Barbara Kabert (who sadly died 6 years ago). Anne McMullon, Nicola Brown, Barbara and I spent much of our time together. Nicola and Barbara were quiet but Anne and I often got ourselves into hot water. We were very proud of the fact that we could fight with the boys. I’m still in contact with Anne and see her a couple of times a year.
      My favourite class was always science. I remember Mr Wood performing magic tricks in the class. I thought it all magic and was destined to become a scientist by the age of 7. I can’t imagine giving 40 children a bunson burner each these days.
      Did you go on the school journey to Swanage? I have a few photos from then and would be happy for them to go on the website. We spent two weeks at the Richmond hotel at the beginning of May and were taken on a lot of long walks. I remember the girls going in the sea but most of the boys saying it was too cold. My Mum said that it was unbelievably cheap and she had no idea how they could even feed us for that. I think the answer was awful spam sandwiches for lunch. I can remember burying mine in the sand just to get rid of them.
      I also remember one of the Kenneths who lived in Crebor street teaching me to roller skate. It involved dragging me along screaming until I fell over. I soon learnt to stay on my feet though.

      • John Chinery says:

        Hi Linda, Thank you for uploading your memories, if you have some photos you are willing to share on this site that would be great, I created this site to build up a history of memories & photos for anyone that might be interested, any help is always very welcome, thank you Linda.

      • Steve Clark says:

        Hi Linda,

        I remember you quite well, (and favourably, which is not always the case with former classmates, although I think most of our class that we are discussing here were OK people). I also remember all those you have added to the list. But apologies for not having included you among my original list.

        No, I didn’t go to Swanage – I was too much of a home-loving child to want to go away from my parents, and I was always shy and uncomfortable with others. I’m a little bit better now – though I still hate going anywhere on my own, even if I am due to meet someone I know when I get there! I have been known in the past to drive for half an hour to meet a friend in a pub and then chicken out because I didn’t have the confidence to go in! But that was soon after losing my wife, when my emotions were all over the place – I am acclimatising now to things again, (and have found a new life partner-to-be, though she lives a long way from me at the moment).

        The Kenneth that lived in Crebor Street was Kenny Carlisle. The other Kenneth, Ken Chappell, lived in Underhill Road on the corner of Henslow Road. I’m still in touch with him from time to time. He is a professional musician / singer, amazingly talented, and I have some recent-ish photos of him; you’d probably still recognise him from school! And some years ago, I exchanged some brief correspondence with Anne Lemon (McMullon). I have bumped into Richard Fielder once or twice. Clive Warwick eventually married someone who worked at my Mum’s hairdressing business. Chris James now lives in Beckenham – I have corresponded with him once or twice in recent years. He was my best mate when I was at Heber.

      • Margaret Ashcroft says:

        Hi Linda,

        I saw your name online re: Heber Road School. I was looking at this site and reminiscing because my younger sister went to Heber from about 1965 to 1971, then she went to Honor Oak. I did not go to Heber Road but you were in my class (Miss Kelly’s) in our first year at Honor Oak, and if I remember correctly, you left to live in Bristol (I might be wrong!).

        I hope you are keeping well. I was sorry to read that Barbara Kabert died. I saw her at an Honor Oak reunion (at the school) in about November 2006. She was a very nice girl with an incredibly sweet face. Very sad.

        I hope life is treating you well. I was very pleased to read your post.

      • Joan says:

        Believe my sister was in your class – Sylvia Tarrant. I recognise your name and also Julia Bowers I am sure was one of her good friends.

        Sylvie turns 70 this year and keeping fit and well living in Coulsdon

    • Joan says:

      Goodrich was Green, Heber was blue – happy days

    • Jim Mason says:

      Hi Steve, whilst looking for my own name on here(!) I came across your post and I remember Clive Warwick. We met at 3 years old and were best mates until he left Heber Road to go to the Strand Grammar School. I went there the following year but by then he’d got new friends. We both lived in Tyrrell Road, East Dulwich. Me in a prefab, him with his large family in big house at the cul de sac end. I also recall Christopher Hugo. His parents had a toyshop in Underhill Road opposite Hindman’s Road. I passed it everyday on my way to school. I’m guessing I was in the year below you? I recall loads of the teachers mentioned. I was ‘left winger’ in the school football team, picked by Mr Reagan. I used to stay playing football virtually every day after school. The double gates at one end and the steps with railings at the top end as goals. Mr Hatton was music teacher. I remember his bald head moving back and forth behind the upright piano! Good memories. Great time to be a kid.

    • Jim Mason says:

      Oh yeah, house colours I recall were Rodwell red, Heber blue ( I was house captain), Goodrich green and Jennings yellow. Probably still got the blue shield shaped badge somewhere indoors too!

  37. Janet shine says:

    Just realised, the chap I spoke to in the pub in Suffolk that I just struck up a conversation with, is the chap who had sent you an earlier listing, dated Oct 13. He was called Robert (bob) Walsh. He hadn’t mentioned this website!

  38. Patricia Cook says:

    Hi, My cousins have been in touch with some of their memories of Heber Road. I am older than them so my memories are possibly different. I think ( so long ago) that I attended HRS in 1950 when Miss Prior was Head. I was in Miss Edward’s Class for two years ( Later she was Mrs Canham) It was in her class that I was taught ‘proper joined up writing!’ Shows how long ago it was as we still had gas lighting and I remember the Caretaker coming round with a hook to pull the ‘mantle’ levers on before lighting with a taper. What fun it was when we were ‘electrified’ kept us entertained for ages! I was there when the tiers were taken out of the classrooms and we were all on one level. By that time I was in Miss Bromley’s Class. She was great and I learnt a lot in the two years I spent in her classes. She used to do needle work and through her I was able to make clothes etc after her tuition. She made everything so interesting. I think Mr Heester arrived as Head in 1951. I remember Mr Funnell the Science teacher who was also great and he married one of the other teachers Miss Potts. I think we were lucky there to have science at Junior School. My claim to fame at the school was I played the lead in ‘The Rhyming Princess’ I think the only reason I got the part was that I could remember all the script and I had been a bridesmaid and had a pretty dress also my Aunty was a Hairdresser and could make my hair princess like! Funny I cannot remember many fellow pupil’s names only the name of ‘My Prince’ in the play . Anthony Roberts! The only other name I can recall is Christine Hickman whom I met on the stairs and she told me that ‘The King is dead’ That must have been 1952. Her class had been informed before ours. I did notice on one of your comments some said we were marched off to see the Queen on her Coronation Tour. Just a fleeting glance. I do remember that. I still have the mug and pencil we were given. Well that is it for a while whilst I dig deep into the grey matter for anything else I can recall. My Name Was Pat Young.

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Pat, Many thanks for your great memories and adding them to my site, its always great to have new memories before they are all lost, if you have any photos of your schooldays & anymore memories that you are willing to share that would be great.

      Many thanks again Pat
      Best wishes
      John Chinery

    • Steve Clark says:

      Being one of the cousins Pat has mentioned above, I remember Miss Bromley was still there in my day, though I think I started at Heber around ten years later than Pat. I have a feeling Miss Edwards was also still there, and certainly, Mr. Heester was Headmaster throughout my time at the school.

  39. Ron Lambert says:

    Hello my name is Ronald Lambert I was born in 1955 and I went to Heber Road school from 1959 till when I left for William Penn in 1966 , I don’t know how I can sign into your site but if you want to use my name and what I’m saying that is fine my school teacher was Mrs Dufreane ?
    Remember certain school pupils like Danny Egan bottom Myra Wells to name but a few and Tony plimsolls but that’s about all I can remember at the moment the headmaster was Mr Easter ,
    I remember many many happy times at the school my sister also went to school her name was Patricia Lambert and she was born in 1959 we lived at Lordship Lane number 337 thank you for your very interesting posts I will continue to read them if you can email me how to sign in I would gladly do this meanwhile I will look further thank you again for a great post and website thank you thank you

    • John Chinery says:

      Hi Ron, Many thanks for getting in touch, great to have your memories on here and if you have any photos of your time at Heber Road School you are willing to share that would be really helpful.

      You can add your memories to the comment box at the bottom of the page, below the comment box is a post comment button, hope this helps.
      Best wishes
      John Chinery

  40. Ronnie lambert says:

    I will look thru my photos for any pictures , I’ve got a few questions if anyone can answer them, there used to be, I think, an off-licence at the end of Jennings Road, I was there a few days ago and the premises are still green tiled to this day, I wonder if anyone has any memories of what the shop was, also there was a sweet shop called, I think, Blackmores, I know that you know of the sweet shop called Dons, if anyone out there has any memories of that I would appreciate it, I will check for any photos and come back to you, it is so nice for me to comment on this board, keep up the good work

  41. Mark Escott says:

    I went to Thomas Calton (from Ivydale Rd School ) and left in 1967 to go to America with my parents, I was 12 years old.
    I knew Colin Hudson, David Cannon, Elaine Wheeler, Margret Doyle, Stephen Bullet, Raymond Elliston, Peter George…

    I would love to know what happened to my old friends…

    Regards, Mark Escott

    • David Knott says:

      Hi Mark
      Have just found this site about Thomas Carlton I also was there and remember you. I am still friends with Peter George. Thought you would like to know that there is a Facebook page dedicated to Thomas Carlton School, not sure if you use a “Facebook the Facebook page is Thomas Carlton School Register” you will find most of the people you knew on there including me.


    • John Davies says:

      Hi Mark,
      There is a Facebook page called we grew up in East Dulwich, which might help.
      John Davies.

  42. Kevin Costello says:

    I attended Heber Rd School from 1956-1961.
    I also went to the cubs and scouts based at the school. I can’t remember if it was the 5th or 8th Camberwell.
    The store room for the cubs and scouts was next to Mr Heasters office. I do remember trying to per through his office key hole. I wasn’t very successful.
    At the age of fourteen my cousin Mike and I got approached outside the odeon pictures by a women who said she was recruiting youngsters for a crowd scene in a film.
    We signed the forms on the spot and a few weeks later we sent the day watching the Beatles live in a west end theatre. The film was a hard days night and we got paid for the good measure. What a day!

  43. Ronnie lambert says:

    Does anyone remember me at Heber Road School my name is Ronald Lambert I was born in 1955 and lived at Lordship Lane someone out there must remember me there as I went to school there between 1960 and 1966 anyone please?

  44. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone remember my brother Michael Bent who died in 2013?

    • Juliet Williams says:

      So sad to hear this Jennifer. My name is Juliet Williams and I lived on Hillcourt Rd. Michael lived on Friern Road right? I think there were two Michael Bents. The one I knew was the youngest in his family and he had two elder sisters. Michael and I were in the same class throughout our primary and friends in Goodrich, Darrell (Mr Wood) and Heber (Mr Stevens). He was good friends with Trevor Stewart and Lloyd Stanley? To be honest I always had a crush on him.
      We were all in the top set as in those days (still the case in some respects) you were banded based on your ability.
      My best friends were Angela Bryan who was sister to Colin, Michelle and Yvonne.
      Michael was a bit shy for most part but in the last year before we left for secondary he went on a school trip and came back so full of confidence.

      I moved to Lewisham and remember in the last year taking the 185 from Lewisham all the way to Lordship Lane. I was too young to maintain touch with my formative playmates but have vivid and great memories of some of the best days of my life.

  45. Allie says:

    I went to Heber Road School, leaving there 1964. I was pleased to see the class photo of the infants at Heber Road around 1958/9 given by Joan Umlandt. I remember my mum having a copy at one time. The curly headed child in the back row looking to his left is Grahame Groves. Other children in the photo are likely to be Pauline Marshall (middle row at left end?) and the twins Jackie and Jaqueline White. I believe another in the back row may be Quinten Gibbons who attended only for a short time. He lived on Barry Road before he moved away from the area. Pauline was usually top of the class, with the twins and Grahame close behind.
    I had a happy time there. My first memory of the school was being taken there by my mum when she went to register me, climbing loads of stairs and into this giant room. I was a bit overwhelmed, but I was sent over to a corner where there was a sandpit to play in and was fine. My cousins Brian and Susan Wells had both attended before me but left around the time I came. My mum had taught me to read, if not write, so I had a flying start.
    The girls and boys had separate playgrounds and I really resented that. The girls played in the one nearer Lordship Lane where there were coal bunkers. My cousin Brian used to attend Boys Brigade at the school and broke his leg jumping off the coal bunkers in the girl’s playground one day after school. The boys played in the other one, situated between the main body of the school and the science block.
    At playtime we were given one third of a pint bottles of milk to drink. There were usually some left in a crate after playtime and I often had extra. Prefects used to be placed on the stairs to catch anyone running or doing two steps at a time after playtime. If you were caught you might be squeezed with other miscreants between the door and the wall, kept in place by a prefect. The punishment was to get a whack with the slipper.
    There were lessons where you practised writing letters between lines and endlessly added pounds, shillings and pence. I remember being in the hall and everyone singing American Civil War songs. Marching through Georgia or The Battle Hymn of the Republic. One lesson, probably in my last year, was on Australia. The teacher had a large roller with an impression of Australia cut in rubber. She rolled it in ink and transferred it onto paper to give us a map on which we had to draw the mountain ranges and some cities. The science building was built on large brick arches, there was a pottery kiln on one floor where I made an uneven bowl one lesson and a science lab on the top floor. One demonstration involved two iron hemispheres that could be placed together then the air inside pumped out so that you could no longer pull them apart. I remember that my favourite teacher was Mrs. Sanderson.
    I lived close to the school at 18 Goodrich Road. My grandparents, Martha and Sidney Wells had rented the house since before the war, sharing after with their son Ronald and family and Uncle George. My parents had moved in with them when they got married as well. By the time I was born Ron’s family had moved to Hillview Road, George King had moved away, leaving my parents living upstairs and my grandparents downstairs.
    Fred Alley’s comment also interested me. I am one of those relatives of him who lived close by. Not a close relative, a very distant 2nd cousin 1x removed! I doubt our families were in contact, although his grandfather Walter would have known my great grandfather William Buckman. It just shows how families tended to stay in the same area. I lived at 18 Goodrich Road between 1953 and 1973 when I left London. I now live in Gloucestershire.

    • Joan says:

      Hi Allie – which one are you, what was your name ? I remember Graham as being a very kind boy – not like some of them !! Glad you liked the photo – so you were in my class – I was Joan Tarrant bottom row far right – bowl hair cut probably shortest in class. Remember quite a lot of names still (I think)
      Back Row… Trevor, Alan, Tony, Alan?, Grahame, Simon Ashford, Quentin, another Graham ?, Stanley, Valentine, Gary and Glyn
      Middle Row … Pauline, Denise Kneebone, Betty ?, Terry, ?, Tonia Holland (good friend), Elaine, Linda and Jackie White, Janet Cheese, Mary
      Bottom Row … Can’t be sure of the first 5, but then it is Maureen and Myself

      Some went through to the final class in Primary

  46. Nicole says:

    Can anyone help. My friend is looking for some old school mates of her dads. His name is David Larance. He went to Thomas Calton from about 1946 till 1955. It’s his 80th in December and she would love to surprise him. Some of the names she has given me. Jimmy Lowe, Roy Wood, Denis Wickham, Mickey Morris, Billy Twilight, Michael Durkin, Maureen Payne, Pat Austin, Shelia Gardner, Eyleen Crane, Gloria Couchman.

    Does anyone know any of these people or even remember David/Dave.
    If anyone has any pictures that would be amazing. Any information would be appreciated.

  47. Janet Shine says:

    I remember the ink map of Australia mention by Allie above! A teacher who had actually been to Australia came and gave us a “talk” about aborigines and gave us all some brown felt, and we had to cut out figures, sew round the edges, and stuff them with cotton wool to represent aboriginal people! They all looked terrible. Couldn’t imagine doing that nowadays! It was all meant so innocently, never to offend.

  48. nicole benson says:

    Please can anyone help? My friend is looking for some old school friends for her dad, who will be 80 in December. His name is David (Dave) Larance. He went to Thomas Calton from 1946 to 1955. Does anyone remember him or know Christine Peart, Yvonne Stevens, Pat Austin, Gloria Couchman, Maureen Payne, Sheila Gardner, Eyleen Crane, Jimmy Lowe, Billy T, Roy Wood, David Lawrence, Dennis Wickham, Mickey Morris, Alan D, John Sucliffe, David Levitt, David Willis, Brian M, Terry Sucklin, Eric Irvin/Ervin, Peter Mennis.

    Please get in touch if you remember Dave. It would marvellous if his daughter can get in touch with some old school mates or even if you have any pictures.

    • Richard Beadle says:

      My late brother, John Beadle who would have turned 80 in October must have been a contemporary of David Larance and presumably they attended Thomas Calton as the same time. I don’t recall him ever mentioning that name but I do recognize the names David Willis and Dennis Wickham as they were both in my brother’s class and he was good friends with both of them. I know that they kept in touch after they left school as I met both of them. David Willis who went on to become a professional musician attended my brother’s funeral.

  49. Martin Bailey says:

    Fascinating memories! I went to Heber Road from 1951-54. Looking back, it was pretty poor by modern standards. Mr Heaster (Heester?) the Head Master had a car, but none of the other teachers. Only one boy in our class haad a Dad with a car, provided for his work – David Smollett, who left the area because his parents moved away.Only one kid in the class had a TV at home. I had some great friends, often wondering what became of them: David Weedon (whose uncle was the famous guitarist Bert, but whose Dad was much more important in my eyes, a kindly man with a pipe who drove a 63 bus), Roger Cook a fierce little fighter who lived in Mundania Road, Neil Evans… For my first two years I think I was in a kind of daze, but then I had the challenging Mr Hatton who really woke me up. He was a very fine musician, interested in history and science as well, but with a ferocious temper. One vivid recollection was a furious argument he had with another teacher, Mrs Perkins, in full view of his very entertained class. I’d had her for a year, and we greatly disliked each other, so it was wonderful to hear Mr Hatton shouting that she was a stupid idiot.Heber was the only primary school in London with proper facilities for science, and I greatly enjoyed Mr Funnell teaching us about electromagnetism and getting us to build little electric motors. Mr Funnell also firmly forecast that nobody would ever travel in space or land on the moon!

  50. Nicole says:

    If anyone remembers David (Dave) Larence then please get in touch. His daughter, Yvonne is desperate to hear from old friends as a surprise for Dave’s 80th the end of December. Her email address is Y.larence@parkerscleaningcontractors.co.uk.

  51. June Rattenbury says:

    Hi there everyone. I attended Heber Road in the 60s….born in 1955, I lived in Silvester Road, maiden name of Ward. I remember Mr Heaster, Miss Dawson who taught the infants, and as I progressed up the school ladder I remember Miss Baker whom we had for sewing every Tuesday and Mrs Hicks who taught me arithmetic.
    Lorraine, Ruth, Valerie, Barbara are a few names I can remember. Walking in through the front gate……the infants classrooms were if I remember correctly were around the assembly hall area, so when dinner was being prepared you could smell the aromas whilst in class. Then as you went into upper grades you went up the stairs. Hopscotch was always popular
    I remember the Heber Arms that has been turned into a house/flats I have been told. There was a shop that sold lollies (sweets), sort of diagonal across from school. My sister and I would walk up Cyrena Road to school.
    Moved to Aylesbury in 65, and then to Australia.

  52. Liz Norris says:

    Came across this page when I was looking for something else.
    The boy third from the left, back row, in the picture at the top of this page looks very like pictures I have of my late husband when he was about that age. I don’t know if he went to Heber Road School but I know that he lived in a prefab and that he later went on to William Penn. His name was Barry Norris and he was friends with David Knowles.

  53. Liz Norris says:

    Since my last post I have discovered that my late husband, Barry Norris did go to Heber Road School as I found a certificate he got for coming third in the 3 legged race in 1955 when he was in year 4 at that school and it was signed by Mr Heester, the headmaster.

  54. Carol Starr says:

    Hi my name is Carol Starr it was Kite before I got married in 1965 . I am one of the girls shown in the photograph shown earlier on this page of the girls at Thomas Calton School in class 2S. I remember all the girls in the photo and I am still in touch with Vivian Saggers. We lived next door to one another in Belvoir Road, East Dulwich and we’re best friends, she was also one of my bridesmaids when I got married in St. Peter’s Church . If you read this Joyce I remember you when you were Joyce Gregory. Happy times, don ‘t know where all the years have gone.

  55. Richard Dixon-Warren says:

    What a wonderful collection of memories and photos!
    I was delighted to find the photo that included my late uncle, Douglas Hahn, as a young teacher and to read the comments. He was a dedicated teacher his entire life and a strong influence for good on me. He died in January 1987.
    Joyce and Mavis, I am putting together a brief family history for my family archive (not for publication). I wonder if I might include the photo of the Windsor Castle trip and the comments? All attributed ‘by kind permission’, of course.

    • Mavis Jacobs says:

      I have only just seen your post. I am sorry to hear that Douglas has died but am very happy for you to use the photograph. I do not know whether John Hilder is still alive but Evan Jones died some years ago.
      Best wishes,
      Mavis Jacobs nee Ireland

  56. raymond nayler says:

    I Moved from Vancouver Road, SE23, started at Heber Road School in 1957_1959 in Miss Batchelors class, remember John Jackson & Keith Payne, lost contact with them, lived in Sunray Avenue. I lived in East Dulwich Grove opposite Townley Road.

    • John Jackson says:

      I remember you Raymond, ‘Neddy’ to us. I was in Miss Batchellers class at Heber Road, she was a favourite. She seemed ancient but very kind. I was at Heber from 1953-59 and got a propelling pencil for the coronation.
      Did you go on to Billy Biro like me? Keith Payne was there too. I think he lives in the West Country now. You are right, we both lived in Sunray Ave.
      Small world.

  57. Julia Atkins says:

    I am doing research on the housing in the East Dulwich area, specifically six roads, including Heber, Rodwell, Jennings, Goodrich, Pellatt and Thompson from when the houses were built in Victorian times to now the twenty-first century.

    I realise that your website is centred around the schools (and a joy to read) but I wonder whether you have any memories of the houses you lived in and if it would it be possible to talk to you about the housing as it was in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. I worked for Southwark Council’s housing department from 1977 to 1983; and I have lived in East Dulwich for nearly 50 years.

  58. James Wood says:

    My name is Jimmy Wood I started infants school at Goodrich road (we lived in Forest Hill Road but was born at my Nan & granddad’s 87 Goodrich road) around mid 1950’s then to Heber road primary school, where I became friends with Peter Mills (we found each other on FB a few years ago) and Paul England (who’s mentioned here by Pamela McNamara) and i believe I’ve found myself in Pamela McNamara’s photo in the school’s playground (looks like we were playing rounders, well I’m certain that’s myself rear row of boys 2nd in from the left (believe that makes it 12 from the right so Malcolm probably has a few names wrong there as I’m 99.9% certain that’s me

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