Heber Road Carnival 1974/76

Heber Road Carnival 1974/76

These photos are copyright of Anne Ncheke (Dyson) (ex Primary School Teacher at Heber Road School in the 1960s/70s)

Anne Dyson was my Teacher at Heber Road School between 1957 – 1963, she very kindly sent these photos to me, thank you Anne



Anne Dyson(Ncheke) says:
June 5, 2015 at 12:32 pm 

I am a British Citizen and have been living in Lesotho, Southern Africa since 1983.
I lived in Herne Hill and East Dulwich from 1940-1983. I attended Dulwich Hamlet Infant and Primary School before attending Mary Datchelor Grammar School for Girls.. from 1948-1955. I then went to Lincoln Teachers Training College from 1955- 1957.
Whilst at Lincoln I studied History and wrote a thesis about Camberwell. My completed work was left at Dulwich Library where I thought it would be helpful for other Students in the area. I do not know if it is still there. I would be interested to find out.
After qualifying as a teacher I taught for 2 years in Hampshire and then retuned to London, to work at Heber Road Primary School, East Dulwich. from 1959-1978.

I have many memories of my time there and will be writing about them on the, ” East Dulwich Forum. ”
Yours Faithfully Anne Dyson(Ncheke)

All the material/photos on this page is by kind permission & copyright of the owner

Anne Ncheke (Dyson)


6 Responses to Heber Road Carnival 1974/76

  1. Mr Michael Ebanks says:

    Hi Ann
    My name is Michael Ebanks I attended Heber Road School with my Brother Mark Hall and my Sisters Susan Ebanks,Carol Hall and Yvonne Hall during the seventies, I think I remember you.

    I was in Jennings With Mr Jiggings, Catherine Ranth Miss Joy Green and and Mrs Eary.

    Also my favourite teacher, Ian Sandbrook, whom I managed to contact a few years ago, I believe he has also retired now.

  2. Vanessa Williams says:

    Hi Anne,
    I remember you very well and you taught my sister Karen Williams at Heber. I was in the Unit team and my sister was in top team. I have photos of this event too, it was magical day and I remember my mother telling us never to forget it.
    It is so lovely that your writing about Dulwich of that time, can’t wait to see your published article . Literally everyone had so much respect for Mr Steven’s headmaster and the inclusion that everyone was able to participate in the sporting competitions . My sister loved the art department doing pottery, so much she became department head of art, then independent artist.

  3. Mark Davis says:

    Hi Anne
    My name is Mark Davis. My sister, Ann-Marie Andrews, and I attended Heber Road Junior School from 1972 – 1978. Our Mum was Gina Andrews. We moved to Cambridgeshire 12/12/77 and; when we came back the following year to visit friends…you let us stay at your place on Barry Rd. I remember your favourite album at the time was Matumbi. I was in The Unit and Ann-Marie was in Top Team and whenever I imagine the Essence of an Art Teacher… Lovely Anne Dyson ALWAYS resides that space❤️

  4. Mark Davis says:

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/smvVhbpqSaxx4cbK6 pics of my Mum, Gina.. Ann-Marie & Me

  5. Sharon Henry says:

    That lady with brown hair her name was miss Dyson a.nd the man in the orange jumper was Mr reason my sport teacher I went to heaber school in1967 to 1971 and will never forget these days ?

  6. Sharon Henry says:

    All my favorite teachers above miss Howard miss Dyson Mr Mccarthy getting married think the dark hair teacher was miss grace

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